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Post Tue, May 09 2023, 1:14 am
amother Blue wrote:
her baby is 15 months. not a 2 year old who will remember. theres no valid excuse for waking up a 15 month old and taking them out to look at bonfires

Building family memories is also for parents, not just for the baby.

Having said that, if you're going to have a grouchy baby, I wouldn't wake him.
If he'll just transfer easily to the stroller and stay asleep, or go back easily to sleep when you get home, then I might.

Just remember this stage will pass. You'll have plenty of years to go and see the bonfires.
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Post Tue, May 09 2023, 1:49 am
amother OP wrote:
I really wanted to go see the bonfires tonight with my husband. But we couldn’t find a babysitter. I thought we could just wake up my 15 month old and go. But I can’t bear to wake him up. I feel like the streets are full of wonderful moms and their babies but I just can’t do it, even though it’s just one night. Am I being an over protective mom?

It’s cruel to him. He is tired and wants to sleep.
If he could sleep in the stroller, I might go
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Post Tue, May 09 2023, 2:08 am
I would not wake him up. If you were out and he never went to sleep that's one thing. But once you've done the whole bedtime shpiel, he is comfy and cozy in pajamas and sleeping soundly I would not wake him up.
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Post Tue, May 09 2023, 6:58 am
When I became a mom I knew that for a good long time I would have to sacrifice certain pleasures for the sake of my children. Their schedule wasn't yehareg v'al yaavor, but there had to be a good reason for me to disturb a sleeping child. My just wanting to go out wasn't one of them. There will always be bonfires; it won't kill you to miss it one year. Or go alone and let dh look after the baby. Or split the time: You go for a bit, and come back and let dh go for a bit.
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Post Tue, May 09 2023, 8:04 am
There’s no right or wrong answer. Depends on the mom and child. Some babies are just more amenable to changes in schedule. I personally wouldn’t go because my baby wouldn’t want to go Back to sleep so fast and if he up for hours. Not worth it for me. Also I would feel bad for my baby. For me a bonfire isn’t so major but if it’s something major then yes a mother can and sometimes needs do what she needs to do
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