Please daven for Am Yisrael! We need zechuos!

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Post Fri, May 12 2023, 3:10 am
I am forwarding this from the neshei-lachish email list because it touched me, but I removed the sender's name and email.
May 12 12:14AM +0300

Please daven for Am Yisrael! We need zechuos right now!

please say a few perakim for am Yisrael and pass along the email!


HaGaon HaRav Gershon Edelstein referred to Operation Shield and Arrow
during his weekly shiur on Thursday.

“Even in Eretz Yisrael, we’re surrounded by enemies from all sides,” the
Rosh Yeshivah said. “The sea is on one side and here and here and here, all
around – all the nations hate us.”

“They hate us – how do we exist? Neis, Hashgacha – we mamash live in a
neis! And in order for the neis to continue, we need zechuyos, we need
zechuyos, we need zechuyos.”

“And what are the zechuyos? Torah, first of all. Torah protects and saves –
eisek b’Torah. Those who are oisek b’Torah – are not the only ones
obligated to be oisek b’Torah, it’s also an obligation for all of Klal
Yisrael. Those who are oskim save all those who are not oskim! There’s a
chiyuv to be oisek b’Torah but there’s also an additional matter apart from
the chiyuv of each person – being oisek b’Torah is the salvation of Klal
Yisral! The salvation of the tzibur!”

“Now that there are terrible threats from the Arabs, we need Rachamei
Shamayim that they won’t succeed, we need zechuyos, we need to increase our
zechuyos. Torah is a very great zechus. And bein adam l’chaveiro – and
v’ahavta l’reiyacha kamocha – that there shouldn’t be any arguments, we
should be mevateir to each other. And v’ahavta l’reiyacha kamocha – as if
he’s a son, a brother – ahavas Yisrael. V’ahavta l’reiyacha kamocha is a
mitzvah d’oraisa.”

“And we need to something else – to daven, tefillah, Tehillim. It’s a
well-known fact that the Sefer Tehillim, pirkei Tehillim, if you recite it
every day, it’s a source of enormous zechuyos. There are great people who
say Tehillim every day – great people, Gedolei Torah mamash – a few perakim
every day. It’s a tremendous zechus.”
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