Experience with a phil and ted's stroller?

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Post  Wed, Jul 02 2008, 1:55 am
I am b"H expecting my third in October, I'm unhappy with my Maclaren double (too hard to push), but would love to be able to go walking with the new baby when my other two are at gan. I need a stroller that's good for brisk walking and rough terrain (we live in Israel, the sidewalks are rough!) and I like that it could be a double. But does it really steer well? And does anyone actually want to sit in that bottom seat? Please advise...
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Post  Wed, Jul 02 2008, 6:17 am
So far I love mine. It pushes like a dream, and even with 2 kids, uphill - yeah, its work, but not nearly as bad as a lot of other ones. Neither of my kids minds the bottom seat - DS1 is 2, and DS2 is 8 months. I usually put DS2 in the bottom with a toy hanging from the buckle, and he's more than happy. I prefer the carriages that the child can face you, and with this you cant, so if I put DS1 in the bottom seat, I can see his face through teh gap and we can have a conversation.
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Post  Wed, Jul 02 2008, 8:02 am
I used to make so much fun of this carriage. Until I realized there was no other choice for NY. It is the most practical.
One point that I didn't know, but someone pointed out to me: The heavier child is always supposed to be in front. It's a safety precaution. I don't always do that, just because DS (the older child) likes walking alot. So I put DD in the front. But whenever you have only 1 child in there and it's in the back, or if the heavier child is in the back, please hold onto the carriage and be careful. IT DOES TIP! Even more, right after the tires were just reinflated.

But otherwise, it is a great stroller!

BTW, when DD was small enough that she went "into the shelf" part, most of the time DS would be walking anyways. So I took off his seat, and layed her backwards. With her head where the feet would normally go. I think she was more comfortable, bec. the seat slopes. And I got to see her face.
The other option to see DC's face, is to put a carseat on the front seat, and let the older sit in the back.

And for those who say that the kid underneath can't see anything except for shoes - not true!
My son points out the airplanes, birds, buses and his favorite stops.
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Post  Wed, Jul 02 2008, 10:08 am
Which models do you guys have and do you find it easy to push one handed, on bumpy sidewalks, etc.? Also, have you done any serious walking in it?
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Post  Wed, Jul 02 2008, 10:37 am
I have the Phil & Ted sport. I really love it. My baby is now 5 months old and my toddler is 2. My toddler loves both seats even though he really belongs in the back.
The infant lies flat.
It pushes terrific.
It fits in the middle seat of my camry with 2 carseats.
It fits in stores and down isles.
It does not weight a ton.
Now I have my baby sitting up sometimes in the back and I see that when the older child gets out of the carriage it gets very unsteady and it is hard to push and may tip. (This is a big con in my mind)
The basket is very small and you cannot hang things from the back handlebars.
You have to remove the back seat to fold in the 2 toddler configuration.
It is a pain to recline and un-recline the main seat.

I use the carseat attachment in the front with the toddler in the backseat. the directions say not to do it but I did and it worked fine, although the balance was thrown off so I would not do it for long walks.
The second seat reclines on the sport a little so it support my infant in the back was able to start sitting there at 4 months and he is happy. He is able to see a lot out of the sides and seems to enjoy long walks.
Overall I LOVE this carriage.
I walk a lot on gravel pathways and it pushes like a dream over hills and bumps. I walk one handed while talking on my cell phone for short amounts of time but would not do it for very long.
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