What’s Your Favorite Podcast ?
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Post Mon, May 22 2023, 8:10 pm
[quote="amother Junglegreen"]What are your favorite non Jewish podcasts?[/quote

Business Wars
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Post Mon, May 22 2023, 8:11 pm
My main rotation:
Hidden Brain
History That Doesn’t Suck
Be Impactful
Conversations with Coleman

I sometimes listen to:
Halacha Headlines
Tikvah Podcast
This American Life
Kosher Money
That’s an Issue
Super Carlin Brothers
The Addicted Mind
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Post Mon, May 22 2023, 8:31 pm
The Franciska show
Be impactful
Deep meaningful conversations
A deeper conversation
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Post Mon, May 22 2023, 8:34 pm
I listen to these consistently:
A deeper conversation with Yocheved Davidovitz
How to glow with Kayla Levin
Deep Meaningful Conversations with Alex Fleksher and Rivki Silver
Human and Holy

And then depending on the topic/interview:
Empowered Jewish Living with Shlomo buxbaum
Q&A with Rabbi Breitowitz
Get real with Coach menachem
A positive podcast with Raizel shusterman
Chinuch 2.0
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