Dd 5 cut her hair again
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Post Mon, May 22 2023, 9:10 am
I have a 6 year old that could not be trusted with scissors. For a long time they were by request only and heavily supervised I told the moros/rebbe to watch him during school too. He is extremely artistic and the walls were covered in his work before we re painted but he also was just stam wild and impulsive it was deeper issue then just cutting stuff he wasnt supposed to. We did end up evaluating for ADHD. I also signed him up for art classes where he had a real outlet to use his creativity.
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Post Mon, May 22 2023, 9:44 am
amother OP wrote:
Hi this is the second time she cut her hair. First time she said she was bored in class so cut it we didnt give a real punishment bc her funny looking hairstyle was in itself a consequence and we thought its a one time thing. But now she did it again this time at home and this time looks even worse. She doesnt hav a real reason why she did it. This time we were much more stern with her but how do I prevent that from happening and any good consequences?

I know it’s annoying, but at least hair grows back. My toddler cut my Shaitel!
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