What is your laundry routine?
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Post Mon, May 22 2023, 11:11 pm
effess wrote:
I’m reading the replies and wondering what is wrong with me?
I have about 13-15 loads a week and I’m always playing catch-up.
The one day this year that I got to the bottom of the pile, I made a party and then three hours later, the pile started to accumulate again.

Sorry, my system doesn’t work.
Although I do recommend if you have the space to have two machines if it’s getting overwhelming

I have 3 littles so their clothes aren't that big yet. If you have 6 kids that makes a difference, and if they are older their clothes are much bugger than a four year old or one year old.

So yes I do a load a day. But I'm sure in the future that will increase to two probably.
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Post Mon, May 22 2023, 11:16 pm
amother OP wrote:
I need ideas with laundry routine, how often do you wash?
Also am I asking to much of my 8 year old son when I ask him to please put in his cloth and socks in the hamper the regular way and not inside out?

Why does it make a difference which way round the socks are? Wash them whichever way round they are, and put them back in the drawer whichever way they are.
I would go so far as to say put them on his feet whichever way round they are too.

That way they'll alternate between being the right way and inside-out Smile
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Post Tue, May 23 2023, 1:25 am
happy chick wrote:
It depends on how many ppl in your home, how many pairs of clothes for each one and how much hanging space you have.

About putting stuff in the hamper right side out, you gotta pick your fights. If they're putting it in the hamper, you're lucky. Don't push it. Or you could. Start putting things away inside out and see how he likes turning them right side out as he's getting dressed in the morning.

This made me laugh. Gotta try that.
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Post Tue, May 23 2023, 2:59 am
I only started a laundry routine in the last year or so and it has made things easier.
Sunday, uniforms, towels, tablecloths
Monday, bedroom 1
Tues, bedroom 2
Wed, bedroom 3
Thurs, bedroom 4 and linen
(Only one person in bedroom 4)

I’ll do a load of delicates, shirts or cleaning shmattes as needed.

I try not to do laundry on Friday.
Going room by room, it’s easier to sort it out. I try to get my kids to bring their dirty clothes to the laundry on their day (we have a hamper in each bedroom) and they are supposed to put away their clean stuff. I do the younger kids and try not to panic any time I look in the middle kids closets 🫣

In the past I have tried having one central hamper that had a few compartments. The theory was that as each person put their dirty stuff in they would divide it up - white, darks, colors etc
And then I would wash them as they filled up.
But it didn’t work so well for my kids - we ended up with more stuff left on their bedroom and bathroom floor. And it was more sorting after it was cleaned as well.
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Post Tue, May 23 2023, 4:19 am
amother OP wrote:
I need ideas with laundry routine, how often do you wash?
Also am I asking to much of my 8 year old son when I ask him to please put in his cloth and socks in the hamper the regular way and not inside out?

Why? Inside-out is the best way to launder clothing to preserve its looks. Furthermore, while you can try to get your son to turn his clothes right-side out, you should realize that the fact that he puts his clothes in the hamper at all puts him ahead of most of his peers, not that it should be this way. I applaud you for training your dc to do the right thing.

My preference is to have less clothing and launder more often, which means doing everyone's clothing together. But if your kids each have enough clothing to make a full load, there's no reason why each one can't do their own. I wouldn't say I have a "routine" but I usually do at least one load a day, based on how full the hampers are and how desperate anyone is for clothes. Since we don't have that much clothing I have to wash more often, which is fine by me. I'd rather do a load or two a day than spend every other weekend doing nothing but laundry. We have separate hampers for whites, brights, darks, and linens, so the laundry is already presorted. I keep my own delicates separate and either hand wash or do a separate load in mesh bags on gentle cycle, depending on how much there is and how soon I need it.

On all but the shortest Fridays, I strip beds in the a.m., wash and dry the linens and remake the beds. This eliminates the job of folding and putting the linens away for much of the year. In winter, I change the linens on Friday and wash them motzash.
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Post Tue, May 23 2023, 4:45 am
15 loads a week translates to three loads a day Sunday through Thursday if you object to doing laundry on Friday and Motzash. Why is that so hard to understand? Unless you're still boiling laundry in an enamel basin on the stove, the machine is doing most of the work except for folding, which your dc and dh can help with. I would provide a basket for each family member, dump their clothes in the basket, and let them fold their own clothes once they reach the age of reason.
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