Sleep away camp for struggling girls
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Post Wed, May 31 2023, 5:13 pm
You may want to get to thr bottom of whats’a causing her questions. There are many issues that can be exacerbated in a camp setting, and she may find similar minded girls who are not looking to grow and that could be detrimental to her frame of mind and yiddishkeit. Is seeing a therapist to rule out depression an option? Speaking with a rav about her questions?
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Post Wed, May 31 2023, 5:25 pm
amother Mulberry wrote:
Tuition for the Michelet camp is around $7,000 since it's a traveling camp in Eretz Yisroel.

Which is a super high price.

If OP can afford, I would definitely recommend either Michlelet or GIVE (They are both EY traveling camps under NCSY but GIVE is more modern than Michlelet)

But it is costly, so if NCSY camp isn't an option, I would opt for either Dina, Kaylie, or Sternberg.

Good point about price. Age might make a difference too. I think Kaylie ends at 9th grade for girls? Not sure.

Edit: just checked Michlelet price and it is total $9500 (including fee). Wow! Definitely didn't think about that when suggesting. They do offer financial aid, but they say typical grants are $0-1,000.
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Post Wed, May 31 2023, 5:38 pm
Incredible incredible new travel camp chai tours
Not specifically geared towards struggling girls, is for by girls but very warm envoirement, something very unique about the way they approach yiddishkeit, the program is designed in a way where they inspire the girls without heavy shiurim etc. sometimes a girl doesn’t need to be in a place labeled for struggling, rather just a warm understanding place where she feels connected.
I know the director personally she is incredible. And a friend of mine had her daughter there last year, she said she gained so much. The travel is pretty intense with camping etc. but I think it’s specifically designed like that Smile
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