School on Sunday
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Did you go to school on Sunday?
I went to school on Sunday in elementary school.
 18%  [ 10 ]
I went to school on Sunday in high school.
 22%  [ 12 ]
I never had school on Sunday, lucky me!
 58%  [ 31 ]
Total Votes : 53



Post  Tue, Nov 29 2005, 10:59 am
lucky wrote:
We have no school on Friday from 7th grade and up. Buu twe have Sunday 1/2 day, and it upsets me because I never have when to shop with my daughters.

I'll second that. Not to mention the difficulty of visiting grandparents or other relatives who live at a distance and cannot accommodate us for shabbos and having to bust one's kishkes to get back from spending shabbos with those who can accommodate us.
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Post  Sat, Dec 24 2005, 11:43 pm
tovah u forget to mention that sunday we only had school for jewish subjects. and we did alot of art etc.

also that was only for elementary and not for high school.
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