Pediatric dentists: Why are ours so ridiculous?
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Post Fri, Jun 02 2023, 3:33 am
Also in Israel and the idea of a dentist not allowing parents is so creepy. Here that would be illegal (teenagers can request to meet privately with a doctor, but everyone of all ages is allowed to bring a second person with them). Unless they're doing full-on dental surgery, with a team, in a hospital.

The putting them to sleep thing is also so so strange.

Good on you for standing up to this OP, and I hope you find a much better dentist soon.
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Post Fri, Jun 02 2023, 9:26 am
amother Dill wrote:
Oh please. No great dentists takes medicaid, certainly not pediatric dentists who can charge a fortune privately.

Also, when you have Medicaid the dentists use inferior products. No way they use expensive, high quality stuff to get paid $25. Now you know why your fillings keep on falling out when you go to a Medicaid dentist.

What? My dentist takes medicaid (for kids, not adults) and he is excellent.

When we had medicaid, I assumed my dentist did not take it for anyone because he did not take adults ( I paid out of pocket). So I took my kids to one of the pediatric dentists near me who take it and it was a chop-shop. They pulled the "your kid has 5 cavities" stuff with me also. I mentioned it to a friend who went to the same dentist as me and she asked why don't I just take the kids there. I never even thought to ask. And BH he is amazing. And no, my child had one tiny thing that he said was not worth filling and nothing else. He told me that a lot of child-only dentists who take medicaid are known for doing work that does not need to be done, which is horrible.

But excellent dentists can be found who are happy to accept medicaid for kids.

Also, please Google this topic, it's all over the news all the time. Telling parents the kids need work they don't need so they can make money.
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Amelia Bedelia


Post Fri, Jun 02 2023, 11:31 am
I find it horrifying that they want to pull a permanent tooth because of a cavity!
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Amelia Bedelia


Post Fri, Jun 02 2023, 11:32 am
amother Stoneblue wrote:
Yes! His group is amazing!

They also find a lot of cavities
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Post Fri, Jun 02 2023, 12:30 pm
Amelia Bedelia wrote:
They also find a lot of cavities

I haven't had that experience with Dr. Zelman's group. One child never had any cavities for a few years until recently. It makes sense, because that child was off most sugars until this year, and also slacked off about toothbbrushing- I try, but he's not a baby and it took me a while to realize that when he says he brushed his teeth he does it in 10 secs... They decided to fill 2 (on permanent teeth) and not the 3rd because it was on a tooth that'll fall out soon enough. Other child once had 2 small cavities a few years ago at age 2.5 that they filled without numbing bec they said it was small- nowhere close to the nerve and won't be painful- the needle would be harder than the whole thing. They talked the child through it and gave him 3 prizes after. He kept begging afterwards to go back to the dentist! So in 4-5 years we've been seeing this dentist, 2 kids only needed 2 cavities filled b"h.
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