Can I get away with this as a wedding guest?
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Post Tue, Jun 06 2023, 5:19 am
Hi, not sure if any of them are dressy enough, but there is a store in Brooklyn called d rama that has plus sizes-maybe it's worth browsing
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Post Tue, Jun 06 2023, 5:36 am
I would never wear a New Look dress for a wedding. Doubt anyone in England would as it's a UK brand
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Post Tue, Jun 06 2023, 5:40 am
I'd wear it with earrings and heels.
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Post Tue, Jun 06 2023, 7:37 am
The ASOS brown flowered dress is pretty and appropriate IMHO.
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Post Tue, Jun 06 2023, 7:39 am
Could definitely be dressed up with heels or strappy sandals and chandelier earrings. You won't be the fanciest, but you definitely won't look out of place, and as always, if you are comfortable, you will look great.
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Post Tue, Jun 06 2023, 7:42 am
amother OP wrote:
Maybe I should just look for something plus sized.

I found this but don't love it.
or this

I love this, but it probably won't fit me, even in size 14.

These are all pretty and all appropriate for a wedding. ASOS has free returns. Maybe order all three and see what works.
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Post Tue, Jun 06 2023, 7:53 am
As an out-of-towner I say why not? You will look pretty, who said you need to be the fanciest one there. Wear what's comfortable for you and will make you feel good in it. Wear a pretty shaitel, makeup, jelwery. No one is analyzing your outfit..
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Post Tue, Jun 06 2023, 6:08 pm
tichellady wrote:
I think both dresses look maternity because they are maternity. don't see a difference in terms of flattering style here

Of course there's a difference. The solid black is clingy and form-fitting. The floral print is not. Big difference!
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Post Tue, Jun 06 2023, 8:54 pm
Also, if your baby is under three months old, then everyone who sees you will understand that you're post-partum and your size is changing a lot and your clothes don't fit normally and you're not about to buy a new wardrobe for your current size because it's likely to change further.

I wouldn't give a second thought to someone at a wedding a month or two post-partum in a dress a notch more casual than other people's. They're living in a transient wardrobe.
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Post Wed, Jun 07 2023, 1:02 am
Unfortunately for my figure my baby is much more than 3 months old...

I decided to look on Macys on a whim and turns out they are not as expensive as I thought. I ordered these, I hope they look decent on.

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Post Wed, Jun 07 2023, 1:17 am
I just went to a very fancy Bar Mitzvah party in Israel and was amazed at how many women wore printed dresses. It certainly is good for a wedding in Israel, especially for a nursing mother. I would wear a solid cotton t-shirt underneath in a color that matches the fabric.
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