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College for the sake of learning
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Post Wed, Aug 23 2023, 2:12 am
yes exactly this
waste of time and money
and the exposure and indoctrination culture disgusting
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Chana Miriam S


Post Wed, Aug 23 2023, 4:43 am

Personally, I had a BA in English Literature from 1989. Not useful to my life, career or otherwise.

Went back to school 🏫 n 2030 to study Nutrition. It was a post graduate certificate. That led to deciding to go to nursing school so I went back to high school and enrolled my n community college practical Nursing. Now I’m going to continue with a bachelor of science in nursing.

Interestingly in the end, all the education has been useful. The post graduate certificate ended up being for competitive athletics which is useless to me. Except that the physiology and anatomy and assessments were totally relevant when it came to going back to high school to get biology and Chemistry for nursing prerequisites. Also my useless English degree taught me how to write, the nutrition certificate taught me about evidence based writing and citation. Also critical thinking.

When I hit nursing school I realized my entire life led up to this. Things I thought were useless weren’t.

You want to learn? Learn! It’s never a waste!
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Post Wed, Aug 23 2023, 6:44 am
I turned 40 this year, and my gift was enrolling in art school.

It is expensive. But I love it so much. I'm learning so much. I don't know if this will ever become a skill that has income potential. Probably not. But it's enriching my life immeasurably.

The program I'm enrolled in has a mix of some online live classes, mostly online video classes, lots and lots of weekly painting and drawing exercises, a website where you post your completed assignments for your teacher's and classmate's critiques.

A lot of the video classes, my kids have been doing with me. It's so much fun to draw and paint with them.

Can you tell how much I really love being back in school?

OP, figure out what you want to learn, and go find the right classroom for yourself! You won't regret it!
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