Do you use credit cards?
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Do you use credit cards?
 89%  [ 178 ]
 6%  [ 13 ]
Only for real emergencies  
 4%  [ 9 ]
Total Votes : 200



Post Tue, Aug 15 2023, 9:45 am
amother IndianRed wrote:
For any service I like to use cash, if you ask you usually get a discount even. I'm sure that saves much more than the credit card points (my ccs are over 2k a year just for the privilege of using the cc)

Why are you paying for ccs? There are plenty that have no annual fee and still give cash back.
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Post Tue, Aug 15 2023, 11:28 am
amother Yarrow wrote:
This is erroneous.
If you have a debit card, you can only swipe if you have the money.
At any given time, I know how much money is in the account. I check it almost daily.
There is no finding out at the end of the month.
If I know that I have $500 in the account and a bill is due the next day, I won't make that Amazon purchase that day.
It's simple: you only spend when you have the money.

Only if you have a dedicated account for your debit card transactions. Otherwise yes, you technically have the funds in your account this minute but the ACH request (or check you sent out) for the electric bill tomorrow can bounce. Or you might not have enough money left for the mortgage. Personally, I set my credit cards to send me my current balance by email daily. I also told it to give me a warning text every time my balance goes above a certain amount (I get the text for each transaction over my artificial limit). I consider my credit card bill one of my regular monthly bills. I like that the credit card payment gets withdrawn on the same day of the month every month. It makes managing my budget much easier.
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Post Tue, Aug 15 2023, 12:06 pm
we pretty much only use CC..

if you budget and are on top of your accounts its easy to stay within your limits.

to me a cc is just a method of paying something. I view it as a part of my account, not a credit lender and would never buy something I couldn't pay off that month...
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Post Tue, Aug 15 2023, 12:55 pm
Yes. More than cash, which I use mainly to buy incidentals in places that either don't take cc or have a minimum for paying with cc. BUT I treat the card like cash. I pay in full every month, don't buy things I can't afford, and haven't changed my standard of living because I have a card. It's not free money.
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Post Sun, Aug 20 2023, 1:10 am
amother cornflower wrote:

I’m not sure how someone can buy a house if they never had a credit card.

Manual Underwriting. Don't use credit cards which can lead you into debt just to have the "privilege" of "building credit" to enable you to take on even more debt. Manual underwriting can be used to get a mortgage. You don't need a credit score if you have a decent income.
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Post Sun, Aug 20 2023, 2:17 am
I have about 10 of them, I mostly only use it for things we can afford to pay off each month but sometimes we play the credit card game of transfering balance from card to card till we can pay it off. It’s gotten us out of very many rough spots, we never need to think I have only a few dollars in my bank, how will we buy food.
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Post Sun, Aug 20 2023, 2:21 am
Credit cards in Israel hsve no points and very little benefits.

We rarely use it, only when a debit card isn't allowed for something.
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