Disgusting cars, why?
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Post Fri, Sep 01 2023, 8:16 am
chanar wrote:
For those who say there’s no garbage bag in the car. Look up on Amazon an item called “tossits” I’ve been using them for a while now and it has completely changed what my car looks like.

Love this!
We have a little trash can in the car, I worked so hard this week to cleaning it out, next day one if the kids had. A bag if chips and nicely put the empty bag in the trash can... but then my toddler got in, tipped the can and all the little left over crumbs came flying out ALLL over the freshly vacuumed, disinfected and scrubbed back carpet.
I just bit my lip and looked away.

Dhs car is a pigsty becuase he often gives rides to my kids and their friends and like my toddler, they aren't always careful with how they get in or out, also they eat in there and although usually are pretty good at putting their mess away they are still kids. And it's hard to get into the back.
The most of the messes are crumbs on the floor and sticky stuff in the cup holders in the back.
The car is also dhs office and sometimes he'll leave a piece of chocolate there that he didn't have with his coffee and if the weather is hot enough it'll melt. (No coffee cups cuz he uses an insulated mug) and water bottles EVERWHERE.
The baby will have a snack and throw it on the floor.
And as other posters said, noone is going back out to clean the car after a full day.

I booked my cleaning lady for an extra hour every week on mondays to clean the car but someone, whenever Monday rolls around he's gone by 8am (when she comes) and not back until later in the afternoon (by when she's already gone) so my fridge and garage are extra spotless these days....

Life is messy.

I have a neighbor who's car is always extremely spottles. He had a little caddy for the umbrellas ans don't you DARE come even close to his car with food.
He's not someone who's fun to live with....
(Not saying that all people with spotless cars are like that. But oftentimes it's a package deal)
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Post Fri, Sep 01 2023, 9:29 am
The only people I know with clean cars don't let kids eat in them. That's not really an option for me. I clean my car out about once a month on average, and it looks like an utter pigsty most of the time.
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Post Fri, Sep 01 2023, 9:37 am
My house is spotless and you can lick the floors. Just my type.

My husband works in construction and the car gets a mess with his work stuff and the mud. There’s no way I can clean that (tried and true) and going for a deep cleaning every week doesn’t make sense.

It’s his office so that’s that
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Post Fri, Sep 01 2023, 10:06 am
camp123 wrote:
I sit at the front so can't see the mess
Come home late at night after a long drive. Kids are asleep, they need to be carried into the house. At which point who remembers or has energy to go back to the car to clean it up.

Exactly. My dh car is spotless! Mine is a mess, but I have the kids in mine mostly.
He's actually the one that tidies mine as well quite often. At least once a week he'll clear all the wrappers etc out for me.
I can't do the house, kids and car Smile something has to give, and I don't live in my car, or commute long distances so I'm not bothered about it. Dh is, so he clears it.
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Post Fri, Sep 01 2023, 10:11 am
amother Lilac wrote:
At home I have a cleaning lady who washes the floors and bathrooms, vacuums the carpet, etc.
I don’t have that for the car so it gets neglected until pesach!

You or dh or the kids don’t clean anything?
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Post Sat, Sep 02 2023, 9:52 pm
amother Floralwhite wrote:
The only people I know with clean cars don't let kids eat in them. That's not really an option for me. I clean my car out about once a month on average, and it looks like an utter pigsty most of the time.

This. We don’t eat in the car, which is probably the main reason it is in decent condition.
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Bnei Berak 10


Post Sat, Sep 02 2023, 10:34 pm
[url=https://www.imamother.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=71127 112735]shabbatiscoming[/url] wrote:
It doesnt look like the op is talking about the outside, just the inside.

The inside gets dirty too!
Decades ago I remember my (balabuste) Aunt's car which was very old but the interior was in beyond pristine condition. Nothing like Israeli cars where you drive with the windows open as everyone 'needs air' Smile
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