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Pregnant, nursing and scared of fasting on YK
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Post Wed, Sep 13 2023, 10:18 am
Another vote for husband davens at home. Fasting on yk is an issue of kareis, that's why we do everything we can to fast unless there's absolutely no other alternative. More important that you be able to fast than that he go to shul, if that is the only option available to you.
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Post Thu, Sep 14 2023, 7:33 am
Another vote for stay in bed, don’t nurse toddler, and dh home when toddler is up regardless of his minyan schedule.
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Post Thu, Sep 14 2023, 7:44 am
Do you have relatives you can move into? Also on yk fasting in the most important mitzvah of the day , ask a rav but it may be more important for your husband to daven at home and help you so you can fast
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Post Thu, Sep 14 2023, 7:48 am
In your 7th month I wouldn't nurse on yk. You should be in bed most of the day unless you are an amazing faster. I hope you can get the help you need.
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Post Thu, Sep 14 2023, 8:24 am
Aside from what everyone else has been saying the electrolyte drink from Rorie Weinberg on kosher.com is so helpful. I have such a hard time fasting while nursing it’s so helpful drink as much of it is as you can in the days before the fast
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Post Thu, Sep 14 2023, 8:29 am
Maybe your husband can go to a vasikin minyan, then be home for a large portion of the day and then when the baby naps or goes to sleep for the night he finishes the rest….
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Post Thu, Sep 14 2023, 9:03 am
Drink Gatorade for a few days before
Day of: Kalei Tzom, tons of Gatorade
Seuda hamafsekes: protein, complex carb (not white flour, a cooked grain like wild rice is good), use honey in the recipes. Watermelon, dates, and tons of grapes.
Caffeine + Tylenol time release pills or suppositories if your Rav says they're ok

These tips plus davening for assistance have helped me fast well BH through several pregnancy and postpartum YKs and TBs.

Also echoing the call for DH to stay home if necessary. Fasting is the main thing, everything else is secondary to that.
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