I'm so mad. Surely this isn't right?!
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Post Fri, Sep 22 2023, 2:30 pm
I understand you! We recently did renovations and started regretting it half way through. Everything takes triple as long as originally expected. The workers they hire these days take zero pride in their work and do the bare minimum they could get away with. Every step of the way was aggravating. The workers also broke things and put down their garbage in places we had just redone, they had zero common sense. Our contractor did come back to do touch ups but some things can't be touched up, it's just messy work. We did pay the contractor in full though because he did the work we hired him to do just not to our liking.
Water damage is really bad, I'm sorry your contractor didn't do the work properly. It's really annoying when you spend so much money and they cut corners.
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