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Pls help me switch my kids closets to winter

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Post Tue, Sep 26 2023, 2:56 pm
I get so overwhelmed every season change. My bed becomes a wreck. I use the same storage bags that and empty out the winter and put the summer away in the same bag. It gets confusing when things might fit my kids next year and other things wont
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Post Tue, Sep 26 2023, 3:04 pm
Make 3 piles
Keep for this season pile
Throw away pile
Give away pile

Do one child at a time, and whatever piles are out after should be put straight into labelled bags. Then the next step is to get the bags out the house. The keep pile, you need to put away in hopefully mostly emptied out wardrobes. You need to take summer stuff out first.
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Rachel Shira


Post Tue, Sep 26 2023, 4:19 pm
I first go through the drawers/closets and make one pile of everything I want to put away.
Then I go through my bins to take out what I’m going to need this season. Last year I switched from everything shoved in space bags to everything folded neatly in cube storage bins within the bigger bins, and it’s a much easier process this way (and takes up less space).
I sort that and put away in the drawers.
All that takes about 10-15 minutes, so not a big deal. I also make a list of anything I need to buy new which so far isn’t much with the way my kids genders/ages line up.
I deal with the “last season” stuff on a different day or the project is too overwhelming. It takes more thought because I divide it into put away for another child/year, donate, and trash. Still, it always takes less time than I imagine it will.
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