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Do you have only one kitchen sink?

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Post Mon, Nov 06 2023, 9:12 am
How do you navigate the meaty/ milky dishwashing?
Any tips and tricks for making it uncomplicated as possible?
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Post Mon, Nov 06 2023, 9:28 am
I do
I have 3 small cooling rack, that fits into sink.
And do dishes accordingly.

Have milky lunch, insert milky rack, wash milky dishes, remove milky rack.
Have fleishig supper, insert fleishig rack, wash fleishig dishes, remove fleishig rack.
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Post Mon, Nov 06 2023, 9:33 am
I've always paid extra to get a double sink, but I'm an apartment dweller and our sinks have always been freestanding with no counter. I bought a big board to cover whichever side I'm not using, and it acts as a counter for the dish draining rack of the moment. The other rack gets put away till needed.

However, my children and machatenestehs mostly live in houses or apartments with single sinks installed as part of the kitchen cabinetry, so converting to a double sink would involve replacing counter$ and cabinet$ and not just the sink. Here's what they do:

1. Have separate racks for the bottom of the sink, upon which they place
2. Separate dishpans.
3. On the counter on each side, separate dish drainers.

Before cooking or eating, change out the rack and dishpan to the correct denomination. Fill the dishpan with soap and water. After the meal or cooking session, drop the dishes into the pan and either soak or wash immediately in the dishpan. Rinse dishes under running water without letting them touch the sides of the sink. Place in appropriate dish drainer to dry.

My kids usually leave dishes in the dishpan or the drainer until they run out of space or need the dishes. My modus operandi, even though I have a double sink, is to wash the dishes as soon as possible and put them away in the cabinet once they're dry.
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Post Mon, Nov 06 2023, 9:37 am
I have separate silicone mats for each and change them out as needed. I make sure there is no food residue in the sink when I'm putting a new mat in. We have a non kosher dishwasher we use as a drying rack for everything. If there are milchig dishes in the sink and I have a dirty fleishig plate (and Im too lazy to do the dishes and switch the mat) Ill just put the plate next to the sink. I grew up with 2 sinks and thought this would be the biggest deal to only have 1 but I manage just fine bh
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