Can't get rid of Springtail bugs

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Post  Tue, Jul 29 2008, 10:46 pm
My house got infested with springtail bugs. Anyone out there had the same experience?
(Springtails are tiny, little gray bugs, that don't fly, but jump around. They start from outside and make their way through windows and cracks. They like humidity and are growing in huge numbers due to our heatwave.)
We have them all over the house. Especially around our washing machine room. swarming in the carpet in the playroom. bathroom, kitchen counters.
The good news is they are totally harmless, just totally disgusting.
The problem is the exterminator came out twice to spray up the whole house. didn't do a thing. Now any other exterminator we call, tells us they don't want to tackle the problem becuase the bugs are resistant to all sprays.
I am at my wits end. I check every bowl and pot before using it, and even though I let my kids play in the playroom (they don't seem to mind), I am totally ekeled from going down there.
I am totally emotional wrought. My husband thinks the worst case is we'll move out.
Is that a solution? Who says the next house won't have a different problem.
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