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Little boys making not in the toilet
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Post Tue, Dec 05 2023, 6:18 am
amother Gold wrote:
Are they otherwise neurotypical? Any other behavioral or developmental concerns? Apparently this is a common thing in the pandas community, a symptom of brain inflammation.

That is so so so interesting.
My kid had PANS. When she was 5 she did this into any toy that had the ability to hold fluids.
All toy pots, toy cups. And she'd sit on the fabric couch on a carpeted playroom. Yuck. She even peed in the doll diaper (it was surprisingly absorbent)
I used to go NUTS. It's 5 years later and I still do not alow pretend kitchen toys in my house. It's stuffed away somewhere in the garage I don't want to see it. (And yes we had the carpet cleaned professionally and threw out the couch)

Op, my son recently decided to "paint" the bathroom. He peed all over the bathroom walls floors curtains everywhere. It was absolutely disgusting.
I told him next time this happens he cleans it up. I told him to watch how im doing it cuz he will do it next time. He said it was funny when he did it. (He's kyh a very bright and deveolped 4 yo) and on top if him having to clean it he's losing a very major privilege. Bh so far so good.
As a mom to boys, I feel like for boys it's a game sometimes. Not necessarily a sign of something wrong.
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