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Babysitting- Poll
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Would you send your child to a babysitter they don't know overnight?
 90%  [ 192 ]
I have done this and would never do it again  
 2%  [ 6 ]
 6%  [ 13 ]
Total Votes : 211



Post Tue, Dec 05 2023, 9:32 am
amother Royalblue wrote:
Iv’e only ever sent a toddler to an overnight babysitter when I was in the hospital and I didn’t send to a stranger. I would never do that I think it’s too scary for them.

Where was your husband
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Post Tue, Dec 05 2023, 10:11 am
amother Vermilion wrote:
Where was your husband

I assume in the hospital with her.
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Post Tue, Dec 05 2023, 10:34 am
amother OP wrote:
To clarify, I'm referring to a baby/toddler, not an older kid.

I wouldn't leave an older kid by a stranger either.

This is different than having a 'strange to the kids' babysitter overnight in your own home & all the kids are on schedule & together (which I still haven't done but have heard of).
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Post Tue, Dec 05 2023, 11:03 am
How is sending to a sitter overnight, so different sending to a sitter for the day?
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Post Tue, Dec 05 2023, 11:20 am
amother Offwhite wrote:
Vacation may very well be an emergency. May hashem never test you.

Vacation that’s an emergency is not a vacation. It’s an emergency mental health sitch.
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Post Tue, Dec 05 2023, 11:28 am
doodlesmom wrote:
Vacation that’s an emergency is not a vacation. It’s an emergency mental health sitch.

Good point. We should make sure to take breaks so we shouldn't reach the point of it being an emergency.
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Post Tue, Dec 05 2023, 1:20 pm
The only situation I could possibly think of that would warrant this is G-d forbid a death. Even if I suddenly went into labor, I would prefer that my husband not come with me and stay with my child rather than leave him with someone he doesn’t know.
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Post Tue, Dec 05 2023, 1:28 pm
When you are talking about someone they dont know what does that mean?

As in youve got no idea who they are, never seen them/met them?
Or just never left there before?

Whetever I would leave my child I would get to know the person first and get references etc.
Dont know if I would take my child there first but I wouldnt call it a stranger if Iv found out everything.
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Post Tue, Dec 05 2023, 1:52 pm
amother Jean wrote:
I would NEVER. Im chassidish.
(I know people who do.)

Eta: never as in out of my free will. Emergencies excluded.

Same, barring an emergency.
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Post Wed, Dec 06 2023, 8:37 am
I have left my toddler overnight, but by her babysitter that she went to every day that she knew and loved and that I trusted. I would never by a stranger that the kid never met before though that it traumatizing.
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