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Making Aliyah with older kids
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Post Fri, May 03 2024, 8:06 pm
My brother (MO) made aliya with teens right before covid and thank G-d they adjusted amazingly!
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Post Sat, May 04 2024, 1:13 pm
I moved as a teen. I know many others happily. The only only unsuccessful stories I've heard of stem minaly from 3 main reasons:

1) shalom bayis issues, abuse, neglect and/or mental health issues that existed prior to aliyah were made worse but the family would have suffered in the USA as well, maybe more, maybe less.

2) not doing enough research, not moving to theirght community, unwilling to integrate and other such haskkafic and attitude issues

3) Family members, either a spouse or kids did NOT want to move. In all the successful people I've met, they as children, and as a family all WANTED this.
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