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Favorite kitchen garbage can?
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Post Mon, Jan 15 2024, 1:09 pm
Amarante wrote:
Simple Human have great cans. They ski have all kinds of great household stuff.



I had one of these but had to return cause I couldn't use it on shabbos. Even when we took the batteries out and we would close it the light would go on.
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Post Mon, Jan 15 2024, 1:12 pm
amother Tomato wrote:
I had one of these but had to return cause I couldn't use it on shabbos. Even when we took the batteries out and we would close it the light would go on.

If you are referring to the mirror, I just turn it so that it faces the wall and then it doesn't go on.

I kept my basic magnifying mirror but generally don't need to magnify my face on Shabbos. LOL
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Post Mon, Jan 15 2024, 1:13 pm
Amarante wrote:
I am not understanding the issue.

I line my trash bin with plastic bags that go securely over the rim and a bit more.

There are no "crevices to get particularly dirty.

But like everything in a home - especially kitchens and bathrooms - things do need to be cleaned occasionally

Sometimes something would splash on the exterior and I would spray and wipe it down.

The foot pedal when I had a can that sat in the kitchen would become dirty and so occasionally it would need to be sprayed and wiped off depending on how fastidious I felt about the food pedal.

But the interior of the can never became dirty nor did the rim.

I don't even know where these "crevices" are?

I wish there was a way I could attach a picture to show it.
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Post Mon, Jan 15 2024, 1:33 pm
amother OP wrote:
That's the one I have.
. It gets filthy. So much garbage gets stuck in the crevices under the first layer (when you step to open there is another layer where the bag goes) at that layer there are open areas that get so yucky

And now it broke also

I was also looking at that one. Chose to go with a different option for 3 reasons, price, less crevices to get dirty, and no push up option.
I have had a few trash cans, the push up options beak really fast and then there are just 2 bins to clean, the actual bin/liner and and outter bin....

This is the one we have now.
It's extremely easy to clean. The center divider doesn't must be used but it helps build the bags in place and cover the gaps.

You can use 2 13 gallon bags or 1 20-30 gallon. We use 2 13. It's very convenient. Cuz a 13 gallon is easier to take out. But it doesn't must when it's full cuz there's another. And then both go out.
The cover had groves which I done like, but in the tob with a brush it gets clean in no time. And it doesn't really get dirty.

My old can id have to clean at least 2x a week. This one I can skip a week because it absolutely doesn't need or. I'll sprat it our with Mr clean freak and wipe it down cuz off germs but it will literally look clean after a week.
The cover rim and the divider I wrote down every day at the same time I do the counters. Spray wipe as good a new.

Hefty 20.4 Gallon Trash Can, Plastic Dual Function Divided Extra Large Kitchen Trash Can, Black https://www.walmart.com/ip/775305647
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