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Would you eat? Chicken

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Post Sun, Feb 11 2024, 6:37 am
Raw chicken in closed packaging with sell by date the 9th.
Raw chicken burger with sell by date the 8th.

Would you eat? Or just toss?
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Post Sun, Feb 11 2024, 6:37 am
Definitely toss
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Rubber Ducky


Post Sun, Feb 11 2024, 6:40 am
"Sell by" date is not the same as "use by" date. Cook the 2 days past "sell by" date raw chicken today. The ground chicken is 3 days past "sell by" date — best to toss it.
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Post Sun, Feb 11 2024, 6:42 am
I'd go by how it smells.
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Post Sun, Feb 11 2024, 6:57 am
I tend to push limit with cooked foods, if primarily stored in fridge.

With raw however, I lean towards side of caution, just not worth it if spoiled (so to speak I'll think of the money as a "medical expense")
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Post Sun, Feb 11 2024, 7:06 am
If it was in the freezer well before that date I'd use. Otherwise no.
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Post Sun, Feb 11 2024, 7:47 am
Don't think it's such an issue if it's been frozen. I would also conduct the smell test
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