Preventing Kids from Stealing

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Post  Sun, Dec 11 2005, 4:35 pm
why do kids with an allowance steal?
what can parents do to prevent their kids from wanting to steal?

the author of this article maintains:

In the vast majority of cases, children steal as a way of acting out their feelings of emotional deprivation at home. It is their way of demonstrating that they need more attention, nurturing or affection from their parents.

read the whole article here:

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Post  Sun, Dec 11 2005, 8:23 pm
I don't agree I have taught for now 12 yrs and invariably I find that kids especially 4-5yr olds who steal r kids from homes w/h plenty and well to do homes.
They have brought 50.00 to school telling me it was their b/day money for me only to find out it was mothers shopping money shock

On another ocassion a boy 4yr old used to take cars the small ones home to his house till we one day noticed all our cars missing we noticed this kid stuffing his pockets Exclamation so tactfully I asked his mother who responded oh now I understand where all the cars at home end up w/h, she laughed it off like no big deal he'll return it. Meanwhilst he has tons of his own at home.

I believe we parents r to blame by teaching them from early on not to touch or take w/hout permission wether siblings, friends etc then we will create a wrong and right.
Besides we too have to be careful since kids r not stupid so if u borrow a pen make sure to return it.Oh atleast make a big deal of how wrong it is. And not laugh it off as cute or the age.

There r some situations when kids feel deprived they may resort to stealing but more so in rare occasions I think and it could also b/come a habit if not nipped in the bud.
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Post  Sun, Dec 11 2005, 8:55 pm
for 4-5 year olds I think it's possible that they don't understand or know that taking things they see in their own home or their own classroom is wrong

how should they know that?
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Post  Sun, Dec 11 2005, 8:59 pm
Is this topic similar to cheating, like in board games? How do four year olds even know the concept of cheating?
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Post  Sun, Dec 11 2005, 9:16 pm
From 2 max 3yr old every child is taught we don't take things w/hout permission or atleast should be taught that . even when we go to a store we tell them we can't have that b/c it's not ours and mummy doesn't have money for it or something like that.
These kids knew what they were doing was wrong by the fact they lied and acknowledged it afterwards and no they r not bad kids quite cute actually. So never ever under estimate a 4 or 5 yr old.

Is this topic similar to cheating, like in board games?

Miriam not at all, this is different
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Post  Mon, Dec 12 2005, 12:16 pm
I stole a few times when I was younger.

Once I stole a little toy that I found in someone's car who was driving me somewhere. I stole it because I really wanted it. I kept it for a long time and felt guilty the whole time. I was always wondering if they missed it. Sometimes I would want to return it but I realized that there was no way I could return it without being very embarrassed. Eventually I forgot who I stole it from.

There was also a time period when I would steal my friends' snacks in school. When noone was in the room I would take a few chips, or a cookie. I was really embarrassed to be doing that, and I always suspected that they knew, but I was desperately jealous of the "junky" snacks they had. I only had healthy snacks that I did not like. I stopped stealing when my mother started allowing me to have one "junky" snack a day.

I never stole my parent's money, though!
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