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Does closed lace keep the hair out of theface like lacefront

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Post Sun, Feb 18 2024, 1:11 pm
Does a closed lacefront wig keep the hair out of the face like lacefront wig? Or does the hair fall in your face like a silk top wig?
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Post Sun, Feb 18 2024, 1:35 pm
Stays very nicely out of your face
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Post Sun, Feb 18 2024, 1:40 pm
No it works like a regular lace wig. It's about how the hair is sewn in
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Post Tue, Feb 20 2024, 12:59 am
I'm in the market for a new sheitel and am getting very confused about all teh different terminologies.

I'd love to be able to get a lace sheitel becoz of the comfort/convenience factor =
specifically, that the front hair doesn't fall on the face and that it's so much lighter to wear.
BUT I also don't want sometihng so natural looking that I don't look married!!!!!!!!

My sheitelmacher says she can fold the lace under so it's more noticeable that the hairline is unnatural - but when she tried it to show me, it looked really weird, bcoz u get this dark strip at the top of your forehead.
Is this what's being called here "closed lace front"?

Can someone plz tell me if:
A. it really looks that weird, or is it just because teh sheitel hasn;t been finished yet?
B. If the sheitel is not long, and tznius looking in general, will a regular lace hairline make it look so natural that you can't tell it's a sheitel????
The more I look into the issue, the more confused I get...
Some honest feedback might help - thanxxxxxxxx!
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