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Money is decided by Hashem - a little story

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Post Sun, Feb 18 2024, 5:03 pm
I may have shared before a couple of stories where our expenses were covered in unexpected ways. Well here's an opposite story for you with the same message.

Dh was eligible for a significant raise at his job as of a few years ago. He would need to complete a certain training but it was not very long or hard at all, he just wasn't getting around to it. Usually I don't get involved in his work stuff but after a couple of years, and we didn't have such an easy time making ends meet all that time, it was so silly and I started nagging him to get it done. Helped him sign up for the training, pushed him to get it done. So he finally did the training and applied for the raise.

They denied his application due to a technicality that was actually not true - we did the application right and their supposed technicality was not as they claimed. I was so annoyed. We had to resubmit several months later, and I was steaming that they should pay him retroactively for those months, because it was their mistake, and he DESERVED that $3000 for those wasted months, etc etc.

Anyway finally the raise got approved and this month I think is the first higher paycheck.

Also this month we just got a letter that because of a claim on our property a random amount of time ago (not recent) our home insurance is going way up.

By literally the exact amount of the raise.

I'm still hopeful maybe there's room for negotiation with the home insurance. But I think there's a message here.
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Post Sun, Feb 18 2024, 5:18 pm
I had something similar, and I'm still not sure what the message is beyond, you'll get exactly what you're meant to get. Which is a good enough message by itself but I dunno I just feel like there's more to it.

Mine was that I put a lot of effort into cutting spending to free up money for a non-essential that I really wanted. I did it, and then we had an expense pop up for that exact amount. So should I not have tried so hard? Then we would have been in debt for that expense.

Hashem runs the world!
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Post Sun, Feb 18 2024, 5:22 pm
We’re not sure what the message is - is also a message.

It takes a big person to admit they don’t know what the message is, and a really big person to keep on doing what they’re supposed to be doing even when the messages they get are confusing and unclear.
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Post Sun, Feb 18 2024, 6:28 pm
To me the message is Hashem decides when you're supposed to have more money, not some application committee that you wanted to be upset at. You should definitely do the hishtadlus but don't think that your nagging and stressing and blaming is what will make the difference.
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Post Mon, Feb 19 2024, 3:07 am
Wow just wow!I love tonsay my whole life is a ness. Regarding money I dont have a particular story but incredibly we never had our electricity shut off, we always had food on the table we’ve had some hard months but hashem always comes through.
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