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Mitzvah Note for a VERY challenging kid
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Post Wed, Feb 28 2024, 10:57 am
amother Daffodil wrote:
Does he want the mitzvah note? If yes can it be planned in advance - he'll make a Bracha/daven/clean something up /listen to Mommy, etc in order to get the mitzvah note?

He doesn’t really care. He mentioned once or twice that Rebbi does mitzvah notes every day- which I don’t give and he doesn’t ask for. But every Friday Rebbi sends home a paper to fill out a mitzvah note so that one I feel compelled to do.
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Post Thu, Mar 07 2024, 9:03 am
Could he go to a wedding and count that as m'samech chattan v'kallah? Or anything else that just requires being somewhere?
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Post Thu, Mar 07 2024, 9:18 am
Give him money to put in the tzedaka box!
For my challenging child I used to write something like- Chaim was quiet during kiddush even though it was very hard for him. He even got extra grape juice! We are so proud of Chaim!
Or- yesterday Chaim ALMOST grabbed a toy away from his sister but then he remembered that it wasn’t nice to do that. Chaim tries very hard to be nice to everyone. We are so proud of him!
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Post Thu, Mar 07 2024, 9:25 am
Same OP same!!!!!!!

We once came up with a mitzva note:
Dear rebbe, when Shmuely saw a bug in the house he didn't kill it- he brought it outside and let it free!! He is so caring! We're so proud!

Totally reminded me of the kichels LOL
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