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Dress code for camp chaviva

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Post Sun, Feb 25 2024, 9:35 pm
Anyone know?
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Post Mon, Feb 26 2024, 5:43 am
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Post Mon, Feb 26 2024, 5:45 am
A cut and paste from their rulebook:

Dress Code
The popular mode of dress is long skirts and knee socks. Stockings and more formal outfits are
reserved for Shabbos.
The primary goal of Camp Chaviva is to create a positive, creative and warm environment in a
Torah atmosphere. Our objective is to bring out in our campers the regal characteristics,
reflective of their fine qualities within, keeping out the more objectionable aspects of outside
Our Tznius Guidelines
Please pay special attention to the general impression as well as the specific details of your
clothing. We don’t want your child to have any negative or embarrassing situations in camp.
Therefore, adhering to the following guidelines will avoid any such experiences. These are the
general guidelines:
• Shirts should not have any words across chest or back.
• Necklines must cover collarbone.
• Tops may not be snug fitting.
• Sleeves must cover elbows at all times.
• Nail polish may not be worn.
• Tight fitting skirts may not be worn.
• Skirts may not have back pockets.
• Skirts should have no slits at all.
• Socks should be at least knee length and must meet skirt at all times.
• Short socks even with a long skirt, are unacceptable.
• Hemlines should be sufficiently long to cover your knees whatever your posture and
must meet socks at all times.
• Only one-piece bathing suits allowed.
• No leggings & socks other than for bedtime.
If any camper wears any article of clothing that is not in accordance with the environment in
Camp, she will be asked to change. If it becomes necessary, parents will be asked to send
appropriate clothes.
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Post Mon, Feb 26 2024, 6:11 am
As a camp chaviva parent, the above is accurate.
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