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Please dont do everything by yourself!!!
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Post Wed, Apr 03 2024, 4:11 am
shabbatiscoming wrote:
I never said any of what you are questioning.
I was just putting my thoughts on this out there.
You dont agree? No need to answer. Can't Believe It

I don't necessarily agree with the way that post was phrased but I think she was just trying to point out that no one does all the work themselves because they're ignorant to the fact it shouldn't be that way. It happens because of difficult family/marriage dynamics and other factors.
So I think your post might unintentionally come off a little condescending- kind of like posting a PSA saying BTW ladies, your teeth should really be straight. Yeah, people know that but if they can't afford braces what are they supposed to do?
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Post Wed, Apr 03 2024, 6:44 am
I know you mean well, but your post title comes across as tone deaf.

Maybe change it to something like, please take any help offered. Or please encourage your children to help.

May you never know what it's like to have no one to help you. Or at least no one whose help won't cost more than doing it yourself.
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Post Wed, Apr 03 2024, 6:54 am
Majority of the women that do it all themselves is because the people in their homes refuse to help out. Be it spouse, children etc. In many of these instances the same unhelpful spouse won’t provide money for cleaning help. It is so painful to a woman who has to go it all alone , to get these types of messages . It almost feels like she must be doing something wrong when really she was put in a very difficult matzav. For those that can’t understand , you are blessed. Thank HaShem for that every day.
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