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Emotional eaters especially with pcos share what helped pls!

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Post Wed, Apr 10 2024, 6:34 am
I have pcos with insulin resistance. I’m overweight and I’ve put on about 20 pounds this year. Part of it is that I was on the shot which also helps my insulin and I haven’t taken it in six weeks and can’t get it for a few more due to insurance changes. I was on ozempic. It helped me eat less and digest better. Unfortunately I also am an emotional eater and on the shot I fell off the low carb wagon that was helping for a long time Bc I could eat more. Combine that with an ill relative who was in the hospital for weeks and just came out, so I was stress eating.

I struggle with discipline, I’m going on the shot again soon bc it controls my binging and appetite better. But I wanted to know if anyone has a plan that works or just some guidelines. I know low carb is important for me. Please help I feel that icky bloated feeling.
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Post Wed, Apr 10 2024, 7:11 am
Berberine and Inositol help cut carb cravings. Not coincidentally they are both great for pcos as well.
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Post Wed, Apr 10 2024, 9:18 am
Berberine is a good shot especially for after a binge or overcarbing.
I recommend joining a Whole30 group and doing a 30 day reset with support. Once you clear your body of the inflammatory foods you usually won't crave them as much and will find it easier to reintroduce foods in moderation.

Good luck.
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Post Thu, Apr 11 2024, 3:17 am
I have also struggled with this. THe only solution was an OA program (along with the shot). It gave me a jumpstart on weight loss. I lost about 10 lbs. then stopped the shots due to feeling too ill. I then lost another 50 lbs. I did not regain the weight lost from stopping the shot because I was really watching. OA is the place for emotional eating and it has saved many lives. There are groups in every neighborhood, plus phone meetings.
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Post Thu, Apr 11 2024, 3:24 am
I am a food addict. The only thing that works for me is to completely cut out all ultra processed foods. I still am a volume eater and can go through a whole bag of nuts ect but I still manage to loose weight. If I’m feeling like I need to stuff food in my mouth I will eat a bag of carrots or munch on lettuce.
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