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My daughter is practically an only child..
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Post Fri, Apr 12 2024, 9:17 am
Being bored is not a dangerous thing, it may be a little uncomfortable though.
I would suggest you limit the watching time.
She should find something to occupy herself with.
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Post Fri, Apr 12 2024, 9:25 am
amother Ebony wrote:
I know this was not your point and Ill probably get flack for replying with this, but please dont say your child is practically an only child when she literally isnt.
Not every child hangs out with their siblings, no matter the age.
I literally do have an only child. It’s just different.
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Post Fri, Apr 12 2024, 9:26 am
amother OP wrote:
She has very little interest in hobbies and not a ton of friends.

Of course she has no interest she can just watch instead. Did you see the list I posted?
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Post Fri, Apr 12 2024, 9:38 am
amother Dill wrote:
Of course she has no interest she can just watch instead. Did you see the list I posted?

Not exactly the same situation, but my oldest is always bored and even with all the time in the world, he never developed an interest in hobbies. Since I’m in my 30’s and literally have no interest in any hobbies either, I get him.

He also doesn’t hang out with friends in the evening, won’t join any of the ball games that are happening and doesn’t like reading. Instead he sits and bothers everyone all day unless I actually find something to keep him busy.

Despite what people say, some kids just can’t manage their boredom.
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