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Seasonal allergies

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gr8 mom


Post Tue, Apr 16 2024, 10:11 am
My 9 yr old son's eyes are starting to bother him and he rubs his eyes a lot.. it's that time of year seasonal allergies..pollen.... in the past I've tried drops.. they don't help so well ..anyone else have experience with this and can give tips of what to do? I feel bad because he wants to be outside this time of year with such nice weather.. but he comes in with his eyes all red and rubbing it...
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Post Tue, Apr 16 2024, 10:15 am
I take claritin, do they give that to kids?
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Post Tue, Apr 16 2024, 10:36 am
Claritin but he has to take it daily to really work. If that doesn’t work go to an allergist they have many ideas and combos. Good to have one anyway if he suffers so much. He might be a good candidate for shots.
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Post Tue, Apr 16 2024, 10:40 am
My kids take Claritin every day for a month straight.
My toddler nebach got allergies this season and is crying miserably that his eyes itch. He's also on Claritin.
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Anonymiss 1


Post Tue, Apr 16 2024, 10:58 am
Ask your pediatrician. Mine recommends daily Zyrtec. As others have said, antihistamines generally need to be built up in the system to see the results.
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