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Do you kasher your water cooler?

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Post Thu, Apr 18 2024, 5:20 am
Mine dispenses hot and cold water. Do you kasher yours? Seems like a ordeal as per crc.
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Post Thu, Apr 18 2024, 5:43 am
I've learned that urns don't need to be kashered and I would assume that a water cooler is the same.
Ask your LOR.
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Post Thu, Apr 18 2024, 6:56 am
I put my cooler away for Pesach. My kids are all over it with chometz the whole year
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Post Thu, Apr 18 2024, 6:58 am
I was told just not to use the hot water. Cold was fine
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Post Thu, Apr 18 2024, 5:12 pm
amother Charcoal wrote:
I was told just not to use the hot water. Cold was fine

Same. We are wiping down the outside and turning off the hot water.
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