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Veggies without chametz leftover (today dinner)

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Post Sun, Apr 21 2024, 5:57 am
Hi Moms! I had some leftover Shabbat vegetables that I cooked in non-kosher le Pesach pots. All of the food this past Shabbat was without chametz (but not kosher le pesech because of the pots and oven). I'm now changing utensils and I don't know what to do with these leftovers. Can I use them for tonight's meal? If yes, can I use dishes for Pesach or better the everyday ones? My rav is too busy for these types of questions. I can serve them cold if that helps.
What do you say?
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Post Sun, Apr 21 2024, 5:59 am
Plastic plates
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Post Sun, Apr 21 2024, 6:03 am
Ask! There are those that would rule on either side, you really have to ask.
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Post Sun, Apr 21 2024, 6:10 am
Eating them today and until you can't have chametz (Mon morning) is fine. I don't think you should put them on Pesach dishes or in Pesach pots or use Pesach utensils. If cold it probably won't treif anything up, but why would you risk it? Do you not have disposables? That's the easiest solution. You can also put non-Pesach but non-chametz foods like this in a bag in the freezer for after Pesach.
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Post Sun, Apr 21 2024, 6:28 am
This is the time of year when disposables make the most sense. I rarely use them, but in the time period when the house is in transition it is the best solution.
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Post Sun, Apr 21 2024, 7:05 am
Thanks everyone. My DH is very against disposables. I'm going to try to convince him, otherwise we will use the normal dishes very carefully (only for serving) and I will wash them in the bathroom.
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