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Curly hair gel

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Post Sun, Apr 21 2024, 1:45 pm
Anyone can help 7 year old with curly hair a bit frizzy rather soft ? Any recommendations for hair gel ? mousse ? Leave inConditioners?? What do I get?
Until not I used mousse but that doesn’t take her through the day … and now with 2 day yom tov coming up…
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Post Sun, Apr 21 2024, 1:50 pm
Google the curly girl method
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Post Sun, Apr 21 2024, 2:28 pm
My 5 year old has very curly hair and it’s a frizzy mess if I don’t take care of it.
I use shampoo and conditioner thats made for curly hair, nothing expensive, just go to the drugstore and get the cheapest shampoo and conditioner (separate, not 2 in 1) that’s made for curly hair, it actually makes a difference.
When styling I spray water and wet her entire hair, then I use Tresseme mousse and scrunch the curls. Now that the weather is warming up I will probably use something stronger for the top so it shouldn’t frizz, I’ll get any stronghold gel for the top and still use mousse for the bottom.
Also don’t brush her hair dry, and don’t wash every day.
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Post Sun, Apr 21 2024, 2:32 pm

I use this for my curly head almost 3 year old.
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Post Sun, Apr 21 2024, 4:57 pm
SoCozy Curl Shampoo | For Kids... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01A.....share
I got a bunch of products from this company for Pesach since my toddlers shampoo has oats anyway. Haven’t used yet. The reviews are great. The foam has wheat so will have to continue with her previous (great but doesn’t take her through the day either) mousse.
Will report back
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Post Sun, Apr 21 2024, 6:15 pm
Not your mothers ( brand)
Curl talk ( type of product)

I’ve had great experience with their mousse, and leave in conditioner spray.
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Post Sun, Apr 21 2024, 6:20 pm
Curlsmith products
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Post Sun, Apr 21 2024, 6:59 pm

I use this on my sheital and it’s great
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