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Hosting second seder, but sick?

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Post Mon, Apr 22 2024, 4:36 pm
I need advice! I'm pregnant in my first trimester and my nausea started with a vengeance yesterday. I've spent all day yesterday and today in bed. I've only managed to stomach a few bites of applesauce today, and that was just so I could take my meds.

I can suffer through first seder since it's not at my house and I can leave as soon as everything's over. But I'm hosting second seder tomorrow. It's small -- just me/husband/son and our neighbors+their daughter -- but I'm dreading cooking all day and then not having anywhere I can go to escape if I start feeling ill.

What should I do? I'm too early to tell them I'm pregnant.
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Post Mon, Apr 22 2024, 4:46 pm
Daven for siata dishmaya. Say a perek of tehillim and ask your husband to please help you. You will survive iyH
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Post Mon, Apr 22 2024, 5:45 pm
You can say you're not feeling well without saying why. Everyone can catch a virus.
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Post Mon, Apr 22 2024, 5:57 pm
You can't cancel but you can let them know you feel ill
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Post Mon, Apr 22 2024, 6:46 pm
Why would you be cooking all day tomorrow? Wouldn’t that be preparing for the next day
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