Nobody Wants My Son
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Post  Thu, Dec 15 2005, 10:45 am
If your son is only 4 why don't you put him in a preschool for the rest of the yr. and try him in kg.next yr. In most civilized places children don't begin kg until they are 5 anyway. this is just a ny invention.
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Post  Thu, Dec 15 2005, 12:37 pm
I asked his school today if they could put him in Nursery they said he's to smart for that and he'll be bored shock
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Post  Sat, Dec 24 2005, 11:39 pm
my heart goes out to u. why are this school not catering to everyone who wants a jewish education. why why why...

I know of lots of boys and girls who are going to intervention school that is public school. that the whole class is jewish yet it is in a public setting. how sad... Sad
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Post  Sun, Dec 25 2005, 12:31 am
[quote="timeout"]Continueing from my posts on the ADHD forum I started today to try and find a school for my and guess what as per my 7 phone calls to 7 defferent schools nobody wants him!

We should definitely feel ashamed when there are no schools that will take our children. Banging head[/quote]

Two questions: are you giving the school a run down on all his issues prior to them meeting him and making their own assumptions???
I have a child with a condition that might've make a school be scared to have there. I did not disclose any medical information until they met the child, accepted the child, and then we sat down with the hanhala and discssed the issues and medical/scholastic intervention required. My friend , had a child with a similar dx, and called each school asking if they she could register a child with xyz issues. of course 6 schools turned her down. Finally, she got rabbanim involved and got nowhere. BUT when she simply called for an interview at the last school, they interviewed her son, saw a very cute four year old, and only after saying yes, did she sit down and discuss that she needs an aide, therapy and medical involvement. The school only accepted her child, because they interviewed and saw the child as a child and not as a case file number or label.
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Post  Sun, Dec 25 2005, 12:35 am
sorry, havent read the entire thread...
would you consider yeled v'yaldeh until five? also, there's a pretty decentn program called ais lasos , as well as gan ezra, yeled v'yaldah, striderite center, step by steps program-forgot the name, these programs all go to age five. Maybe he would benefit from another year b4 mainstreaming. It's best to push the services before five.
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Post  Sun, Dec 25 2005, 9:41 am
The school only accepted her child, because they interviewed and saw the child as a child and not as a case file number or label
Interesting way to do it. And good for others to know Thumbs Up
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Post  Tue, Dec 27 2005, 6:46 pm
it is sad that so many schools just cannot deal with a child who doesn't fit into the "mold." something really has to be done to make them more qualified to deal with the situation and make them see it important enough to want to deal with it.
I'm so sorry you are going through this.
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Post  Wed, Dec 28 2005, 11:54 pm
Update: my son is still in regular Yeshivah he was doing pretty well until this week Chanukah because of staying up to late with my son and his teacher being to tired!!! It's been a hard week.

I have found one school but it's not mainstream Yeshivah and what happens later when I try and get him back in a regular Yeshivah and because he was in a "special" Yeshivah he won't be accepted?

I found an ad in Mothers Helper this month for Tehila L'dovid run by Rabbi Kranczer who at least was positive but didn't know if this was the right yeshiva.
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Post  Thu, Dec 29 2005, 9:31 am
So sorry that this is so difficult for you! - in the end, all of the work will be worth it iy"h. I just wanted to tell you a few things- first of all, keep in mind with the yeshivas who are not accepting your son, that the teachers are probably really unable or unknowledgeable about how to help. It is hard to run a classroom and there is so little time to deal with special situations with everything the teacher needs to balance. That being said- I'm not really sure why they wouldn't accept your son if he has a shadow?? Unless a child is constantly disruptive, there is no reason he should not be in the same classroom.

Depending on the child, a few scenarios can happen- he will be in the classroom and with help be able to keep up basically. (With ADHD this should probably be a realistic goal), or be in the general classroom and not be able to keep up- but he will make progress on his own with the shadow while in the social setting of a regular classroom. Some children cannot really participate in the classroom curriculum- they are to far behind, or they need to learn experientially because they are bored- or need shorter amounts of learning time- there are thousands of modifications that can be done- but by the shadow (because again, the teacher may not know how or have the time.) What is important is for the shadow to be working with a special ed expert- an inclusion consultant who will train her to be able to work with your son academically and behaviorally.

There is a point though, I think when a child should be moved into a special classroom to really excel- this is when it comes to that point where the program is just not working.
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Post  Thu, Dec 29 2005, 9:40 am
tehila ldovid is a nice school-- I taught there but it is not mainstream and they offer no special services .
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Post  Fri, Jan 06 2006, 7:52 am
I really feel for you. We had to move heaven and earth to get our son accepted into a different school, and our son's problem was that he was bullied (NOT the "bully") and so had turned off in school (wasn't participating, didn't play with other kids, etc.). We had a full evaluation done, and found we have an extremely bright kid (>140 IQ) who's unhappy at school because he gets picked on by a group of boys (and the other boys just stand by and watch). Duh... Our problem was that there are two schools here in great competition with each other, and neither school wants the other school's "problems". By the end of the whole thing with one administrator saying ugly things about the other administrator, and labelling our child as a "problem child" my DH and I were so disgusted that we thought about Schechter - and we're definitely yeshivish in haskafa. Eventually he did get in (with a lot of rabinical arm-twisting), and he's doing very well - good marks, lots of friends, etc.. Still the whole thing was just a big chillul Hashem.
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Post  Sun, Jan 08 2006, 2:44 pm
Was Schechter a public school or a not religious Jewish School?

I'm glad you finally found a school that was good for your son!
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Post  Sun, Jan 08 2006, 4:17 pm
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Post  Sun, Feb 12 2006, 10:17 pm
Have you ever thought of a special ed school? Maybe they would be nicer and more accepting of your son. I imagine it's not good for him albeit his autistic to hear people talking bad about him.
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