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What's included in a "deep clean?"

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Post Fri, May 10 2024, 2:49 pm
I am hiring Cleaning Service this week to do a deep clean. They're charging quire a lot so I want to make sure I'm getting my money's worth
I confirmed they will be doing walls, windows,doors and baseboards, as well as bathrooms and kitchen.

What else can I ask them to do? I don't want them to leave and then realize there was an area I really wanted done but forgot about.

Also do you think it's reasonable to expect them to clean fridge, oven,inside cabinets etc as part of the kitchen?
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Post Fri, May 10 2024, 2:52 pm
These services generally don't include inside ovens refrigerators and cabinets. If you that let them so so you can decide if you want to pay extra.

But it does include moving furniture and getting behind EVERYTHING. Like move stove, blinds open and close and all sides and areas cleaned, between door hinges, above door frames, above and behind furniture and other such things.
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Post Fri, May 10 2024, 2:53 pm
They can do things that are empty. I don't think they will empty you cabinets and repack them. I hired a company to do a deep clean before we moved in. They did inside the fridge, oven and all cabinets and closets but it was all empty.

You want light fixtures dusted. Door handles, around doors, outlets and light switches cleaned
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