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Pls give ideas for not mainstream yeshivish but frum USA

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Post Mon, May 13 2024, 11:06 am
My husband and I are in a second marriage. We IYH want to have a child or two but we are 30s and 40s ourselves. (I’m still in my 30s, husband 40s)

My husband is best described yeshivish modern. Family wasn’t in the box yeshivish but husband went to black hat yeshiva out of box and both learned and worked in first marriage. Now he works but learns a lot on his own. He also loves many things about chasidic life and has chasidic friends but isn’t chasidish. Clean shaven, black Kippa will wear blue shirts during week hat sometimes on Shabbos. He calls himself heimish in some ways too. Labels are hard but I am trying to paint a clear picture

I grew up very laid back modox. I became more frum so I’m sort of BT for my community but not really true BT in that I don’t come from a secular world, just one that’s a lot more modern in some ways. So husband was def more yeshivish than I was used to but not because I was against it, just not from that world. We met at a frum event for singles where it was mixed hashkafa and mixed background orthodox. I probably am best described as modern orthodox Machmir but also somewhat yeshivish by association. In the yeshivish world I feel like I may as well call myself BT because of how they view modern orthodox -a lot of ignorance about what it truly is.

We live in an in town mostly yeshivish area in Brooklyn.

I am looking for a community either in NJ or more out of town that:
Isn’t only for super young marrieds
Is friendly to yeshivish people but also modern orthodox Machmir
Is friendly
Has schools through HS that are yeshivish with solid chinuch
Has several restaurants
Isn’t colder than NY weather wise, even warmer is a bonus
Isn’t too far from the ocean
Has a large Ashkenaz presence
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Post Mon, May 13 2024, 11:08 am
Baltimore seems like a very good fit.

Passaic would probably be good as well.
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Post Mon, May 13 2024, 11:09 am
Chicago fits all your criteria if your interested in the Midwest. We dont have the ocean but we have lake michigan which is really really nice.
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Post Mon, May 13 2024, 11:11 am
Passaic!!! Exactly what you are looking for
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Post Mon, May 13 2024, 11:14 am
Passaic (& the nicer restaurants are close by in Teanek)
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Post Mon, May 13 2024, 11:15 am
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Post Mon, May 13 2024, 11:35 am
If you want to go further , Dallas is a great community
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Post Mon, May 13 2024, 11:43 am
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