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Why do you buy brand names or knock offs?
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Post Tue, May 14 2024, 9:05 am
So let's discuss it.
Why do you buy brand names? Or knock offs of brand names?
Since people are saying that those of us who don't buy brand names are jealous and insecure, let's get back to the original discussion. Why yes? Why brand names? Why is it assumed that this is something people wish they could do? What is the value in it?

Let's try to keep this discussion respectful.
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Post Tue, May 14 2024, 9:08 am
Brand name knock offs give people status in their eyes, not everyone knows they are knockoffs and they can be considered like they are part of the in crowd.
I don't buy brand names. I don't get such credit for that since I don't have a special desire for them and it's too expensive.

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Post Tue, May 14 2024, 9:10 am
I buy brand names if it’s a certain product they carry that fits my specific needs. Or if it’s known to be very good quality and will last a long time. I don’t buy anything because everyone has it, that’s very boring in my opinion. I also hate low quality so won’t buy junky companies. I never buy knock offs I don’t get the point it just looks desperate to me and serves no purpose since it’s low quality.
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Post Tue, May 14 2024, 9:11 am
I don't care about brand names at all. I care that I'm dressed well and look pretty, chic and in style, but why does it need to be brand name? Why does it need to be ridiculously overpriced stuff when you could achieve the same look with cheaper stuff?
BH, I live in an area with all sorts of people who dress in all sorts of fashion. My crowd is a well balanced mix between the kate Spade bags and Michelle watches ECT, to the nice no name ones. I feel absolutely zero pressure and while my kids are young, I can say so far non of them feel this pressure either.
I don't do knock offs either. I guess I'm comfortable enough with myself and my style to not feel this pressure of 'fitting in' at a lower price.
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Post Tue, May 14 2024, 9:19 am
I'll be 100% honest here. There have been times where I indulged myself and bought the name brand because I wanted to fit in. I know the Mockingbird is a great stroller for $350 but I wanted the UppaBaby...
But that is not the rule for me. I don't live in such a high pressure area bh but I am young so there is automatically more pressure. If something is objectively better quality and worth the price and I can afford it, I will buy it. Otherwise, it's whatever I want or like better. Sometimes that's the name brand, sometimes not.
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Post Tue, May 14 2024, 9:20 am
I like brand names for things like strollers, coats, shoes. I find that those items are usually better quality than other brands. but dont care abt brand name t shirts for instance.
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Post Tue, May 14 2024, 9:27 am
I like this conversation and hope to get some insight here. I would sometimes buy brand names (sneakers, coat, kitchen appliance) but what irks me is the designer stuff with huge names on them. Like a dumb black T-shirt that nobody would touch but because it says “BOSS” then the shirt becomes kosher. That doesn’t talk to me at all. But if there’s a cute fashionable sneaker that’s also good quality and matches my clothing (my black and white Vejas for example), I’d be fine with that.

Maybe I’m somewhat shallow but it definitely makes me feel more confident and dressed when I’m wearing a quality item. Don’t get me wrong, I wear plenty of Walmart and Old Navy clothing too. But there’s something exhilarating about finding a real designer coat at TJ Maxx and wearing it out!
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Post Tue, May 14 2024, 9:28 am
I don’t know if this makes sense or not
I have IMHO good expensive taste
If I’m browsing on line and I like something I’ll click on it and the dress costs $2500, for example.
No wonder I like it

But I don’t buy it because if I buy once (as a splurge) I’ll want it again and again
Then that would be a financial disaster for my family.

I do refuse to be a FREE walking billboard.
If the company would pay me that’s a different story.
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Post Tue, May 14 2024, 9:30 am
I buy things I like. Sometimes they happen to be brand names and I could afford it and sometimes they're just a random brand. I happen to usually be very out of what brands are considered in style and sometimes I buy things accidentally.

I'm not going to buy a knock off because that usually tends to be lower quality and if I'm doing that it's because I'm obviously only buying it because of the brand and not the quality and how it looks.
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Queen Of Hearts


Post Tue, May 14 2024, 9:33 am
I like and wear brand names. Why is there shame in that? This website likes to hate on people who do.
Clothing from better companies usually have a better cut and fit for women. I used to think cheaper brands are the same. But I learned otherwise.
I would never wear a logo emblazoned across the chest. I find it not classy. A tiny logo on the side I would wear.
And no I don't buy knockoffs. If I can't afford the brand I don't buy an imitation.

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Post Tue, May 14 2024, 9:36 am
There’s more knock offs out there than we realize. Like random shoes will be very closely based off a more expensive designer but not everyone can even tell. Sometimes we like the design but can’t afford the real thing. For example the clover bracelet that is a knock off of Von Cleef. I knew I liked the style and had no idea there was one brand who made the original. Just that it was trendy and adorable. Tons of stores sell it but the real one costs a fortune. I guarantee lots of people don’t know their clover jewelry is based off an expensive designer and just got it when it was cute and in.

Sometimes people just like how it looks more than the fact that it’s designer or they genuinely like the design. I can’t afford a real Louis Vuitton bag with the checker pattern but I would get a fake one if I found one. I just don’t really care what other people think. I’m not thinking of whether it makes me look wealthy or not. But sometimes real brand name stuff is better quality. Example there’s a brand of sneakers (Vionic) that is basically an inspiration for many other companies. I went to a department store and saw that. However the real Vionic sneakers, which are known for comfort; were light years more comfortable so that was the only way I could justify the price. I doubt most people even know they are “the real ones”.
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Post Tue, May 14 2024, 9:38 am
I am not sure where I stand on this exactly.

I appreciate a good dupe when it comes to makeup and skin care products. (Is that a knockoff?)

I appreciate really high quality items (kitchen appliances, makeup, skin care, accessories, shoes, clothes) but don't necessarily care what brand it is. I don't have a list of brands I prefer. I enjoy reading reviews and finding a great product.

I am honestly embarrassed to walk around with brand name clothing or accessories that have the name or icon on it... it feels like too much of a statement, like I need to let everyone know I have this brand handbag or whatever. But I do appreciate a thick, luxurious, high quality leather handbag.

But I do think brand name items are fun and appreciate seeing other people have them!
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Post Tue, May 14 2024, 9:40 am
I'll buy name brand for things where that means quality- shoes for myself, bags, baby gear I'll use for multiple kids. But classic styles only, and I buy cheap for things that won't last either way or I don't need to last.

Rarely do I buy knockoffs- only if I genuinely like the style.
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Post Tue, May 14 2024, 9:55 am
I buy them for one of my kids who wants them. The knockoffs cost way less than Frum brands so it’s a win win. The real thing I get if I find on sale.
As for myself I will buy a brand that’s known for quality on things like electronics, appliances, coats, shoes, and strollers.
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Post Tue, May 14 2024, 9:56 am
No brand names or knockoff here. ( Or at least not intentionally. Technically everything could be considered a knockoff unless it is the name brand). I buy what I buy. If they sell at Target all the better.
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Post Tue, May 14 2024, 9:56 am
I buy brand names for purses or shoes as I think some stylea are classic and will never go out of style. I think sometimes quality is better - real leather vs fake, stronger stiching... However some brand names scream the brand - think LV, Guici, YSL and some are more classy - chloe, mulberry...
I only get things that don't scream the brand
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Post Tue, May 14 2024, 9:57 am
Delete - double post
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Post Tue, May 14 2024, 10:11 am
I do neither. I refuse to wear things with visible labels--why should I give anyone free advertising? They should pay me for that. I like to think of myself as honest and don't go for fake anything--not fake flavoring or coloring in the foods I make (I'd rather leave out the vanilla than use imitation vanilla extract), not fake friends, not fake jewelry, not fake "designer" gear. If I buy a specific brand--none of which is what you-all mean, which is "prestigious" brands--it's because I tried it and found it to be significantly better than the alternative.

And buying knockoffs? Not only is it illegal, it's just plain tacky. It says "I'm a superficial and probably insecure person trying to ape the rich, fondly imagining that this will lend me a touch of elegance." And the rich person buying the real deal with conspicuous labels is saying "I lack confidence in myself and my own taste, and am therefore proving that I have taste by showing off the labels on my possessions." Both are pathetic.
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Post Tue, May 14 2024, 10:42 am
I buy for quality to last

I grew up with a grandmother who taught us buy well known quality products stuff like kitchen appliances, clothing, linen, furniture, baby gear etc.

It’s a Hungarian thing too.

Baby stuff I buy Carters it’s low priced but quality and washes well, I don’t buy SHEIN or anything like that.

I look for bargains and clearance and always end up buying a more high quality product as opposed to cheaper ones that break or rip easily feels like a waste of money and time too.

My kids are usually wearing nice brands just because I am good at finding them in tjmaxx and Marshall or Nordstrom rack or saks of fifth. Not because I spend tons on their stuff 😆
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Post Tue, May 14 2024, 10:43 am
It depends what the item is. Buying cheap shoes for a few dollars is a waste of my money, I would rather buy a good brand that will last. But I'm not buying brand names for the sake of brands, and I specifically don't like brands that plaster their name all over the item. Why would I want to be a walking advertisement?
I try and buy better quality items on sale rather than the same thing in cheap. I also buy what I like rather than what brand it is. If I like it, I would buy it whether or not it is designer.
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