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Picky kids supper ideas with some restrictions

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Post Wed, May 15 2024, 8:14 am
Can't have anything with tomatoes (so there goes meatballs 😔)
No dairy, no fish.

So far I do burgers, shnitzel , chicken on bone...
Anything else?
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Post Wed, May 15 2024, 8:24 am
You can do meatballs with chicken broth
Also they sell pepper paste, it comes mild or spicy. You can use similar to tomato paste.

You can shred the leftover chicken on the bone and do taco night. Sautée it with onions and a little pepper paste
You can do the same with ground beef

Here’s a video on no tomato marinara sauce using red peppers, but you could use the pepper paste

Just make sure you use MILD
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Post Wed, May 15 2024, 9:46 am
I love meatballs all different ways. See if anything appeals to the picky eater.

Simmered in a vegetable soup.
Baked on a sheet pan until done (no sauce) and served with a garlic parsley spaghetti.
Baked and then topped with warm mushroom sauce. Serve with rice or mashed potatoes.
Stuffed in pita like falafel.
There's a meatball recipe from greeneyes called honey garlic meatballs.
You can also make a sauce with jellied cranberry sauce and mustard.

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Post Wed, May 15 2024, 9:48 am
Tacos with meat, pulled meat without sauce with rolls or over mashed potatoes, falafel night, tofu stir fry with rice, barbecue night, chicken wings are always fun.
Do your kids do soups because you could do a nice bean soup or lentil soup without tomato sauce and them with garlic bread or pizza chips. There are also many other soups you can make that are filling.
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Post Wed, May 15 2024, 9:53 am
I broil meatballs plain and then everyone who can adds sauce to their own serving after.

Would your crew eat falafel ? My pickier kids just have pita with chummus and veggies (and sometimes fries) that night.

Have you done a scrambled egg sandwiches dinner night? (Each kid picks roll, half a pita or wrap, gets scrambled eggs and toppings of their likings- this way the kids who can have dairy and tomatoes can add to their servings without allergic ones getting it)

Similarly- make your own taco or poke bowl nights.

We also have lots of allergies here and no single food everyone eats so I just make building blocks and let everyone pick what they want to eat.
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Post Wed, May 15 2024, 10:17 am
Good ideas thanks guys! Ramom do you have an exact recipe for the cranberry meatballs?
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Post Wed, May 15 2024, 10:33 am
cupcake123 wrote:
Good ideas thanks guys! Ramom do you have an exact recipe for the cranberry meatballs?

1 can jellied cranberry sauce
2-4 tbsp Dijon mustard
1/3 cup dark brown sugar
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Post Wed, May 15 2024, 11:35 am
Tofu stir fry, chickpea stew, chicken stir fry with veggies, turkey burgers
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