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Parenting Cute Little Minecraft Addicts

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Post Thu, May 16 2024, 4:58 pm

I will paste the important part here


Isha Yiras Hashem at Substack

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Parenting Cute Little Minecraft Addicts
The idolatry of technology?

MAY 15, 2024
Crianza de pequeños y lindos adictos a Minecraft
12:08 PM
Crianza de pequeños y lindos adictos a Minecraft
Nota: Como siempre, gracias a Debbie Rubinstein por su ayuda con las traducciones. Todos los errores restantes son sólamente míos. - Isha Yiras Hashem Un día, mi hijo 'Abel' me pidió que le diera una libreta para que pudiera escribir un diario sobre sus sentimientos durante el día. Cuando volvió de la escuela, me pidió que lo leyera.

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One day, my son ‘Abel’ asked me to give him a notebook so he can write a journal about his feelings during the day. When he came home from school, he asked me to read it.

Me, reading: "Trail ruins may have once had [sic] connected old villages". This is your journal?

‘Abel’: It starts with Minecraft lore. The real journal is going to start later.

Abel’s journal entries, filled with Minecraft lore rather than his own experiences, made me realize just how deeply this game had infiltrated their thoughts and daily lives.

Confession: My kids are addicted to Minecraft.
How did it happen?
A hundred years ago, Seth and Abel1 might have been toiling away in real coal mines. Today they labor in the digital mines … of Minecraft.

It started innocently enough, with YouTube videos. Abel hasn’t slept since birth, except for when he is on prescription medication or sick enough to be unconscious, and for many years we used screen time to survive the night.2 Abel wanted to watch videos of people playing games, which sounded wholesome.

We said yes, resolving to find gamer videos of people playing Minecraft while praying, doing acts of kindness, and studying the Bible, as pictured below.3
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Post Fri, May 17 2024, 12:07 pm
Bumping this once just in case the reason I didn't get any responses was because people didn't see, rather than you all being too polite to tell me what's majorly wrong with my post Smile
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Post Fri, May 17 2024, 12:15 pm
I didnt understand it
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Post Fri, May 17 2024, 12:38 pm
Loved this!
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Post Fri, May 17 2024, 1:28 pm
synthy wrote:
Loved this!


Pp, I didn't understand it all either!
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