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I hate my overly large breasts making me sad
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Post Sun, May 19 2024, 5:37 pm
amother OP wrote:
It frustrates me how much ppl say men love it. It’s not even true. Full normal sized breasts are desirable. very large breasts are a fixation. It’s embarrassing as a frum woman especially where I want to look modest and my breasts pop out. When I was younger and single it made me feel so hopeless about even attempting to be makpid on tsnius. Looking like a fixation which is considered a se-ual thing completely is not good. Why do we need to cater to men at our own pain? Being good to a man means treating him like someone we love and wanting to make happy, not making ourselves like a doormat or servant with no feelings. My husband feels very loved and cared for. He also doesn’t care much about breast size one way or another. He also said if I want another operation it’s my decision and he doesn’t think I need to but wants me to be happy. My breasts will never be small even with surgery but I can have comfortable sized ones.

Actually it is true for most men that they prefer large… that’s why so much p-rn features very oversized…
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Post Mon, May 20 2024, 9:38 am
Cheiny wrote:
Actually it is true for most men that they prefer large… that’s why so much p-rn features very oversized…

I have noticed that, sooner or later, everything is featured in prn. Different men like different things.

But I miss the small chest I had pre-kids. Clothes fit better and I could run.
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Post Mon, May 20 2024, 9:53 am
Dh loved my big breast. I’m 32F or 32DDD. It looks great. I found a bra that isn’t underwire that is comfortable I will put the details here later. When I get home I take off my bra if I can. I need to but shirts that a stretchy and not the material that ceilings too much.
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