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Women’s clothing store with best customer service

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Post Mon, May 20 2024, 9:29 am
can someone recommend a mid-range store with kind and helpful sales people?
I am coming from out of town for a day to do some shopping.
I am in my 40s, recently had a baby, and I have a few simchas coming up in my family.
I need a store that will have someone help me find something that fits me.
I have had a successful experience in Periwinkle in the past, but I am looking for another suggestion as well.
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Post Mon, May 20 2024, 9:35 am
I’ve had a super experience at Udel.

Their customer service was amazing. They were helpful and their prices are great, even cheap.
I bought a few of one top and one of them was stretched and damaged. I only noticed after the tags were off and I wore it for a bit.
They had no issue allowing me to exchange it.
Most stores would never do that.

I haven’t bought wedding dresses there and they might be a bit young for that. Not sure your style.
For easy tshirts I’ve found them great.
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Post Mon, May 20 2024, 9:59 am
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