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How much money did you spend today?
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Ima Piano


Post Tue, May 21 2024, 11:31 pm
I'll go first

30$ lunch & groceries
225$ shaitel macher
25$ uber

280 for today woah
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Post Tue, May 21 2024, 11:35 pm
$ 5 Starbucks coffee
$10 Dunkin
$50 clothing
$9 Smoothie
I’m so low maintenance lol I really just like food
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Post Tue, May 21 2024, 11:40 pm
None. I went to work, came home. If you want to include how much money was spent on the food I ate today, perhaps $11 lol.
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Post Tue, May 21 2024, 11:48 pm
1.99 on pickles

I really think that's it for today.

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Post Tue, May 21 2024, 11:49 pm
Today, nothing.
But I'll most likely spend around $500 tomorrow.
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Post Tue, May 21 2024, 11:50 pm
$7 for train (husband)
I think that’s it !!!! Lol
Definitely wanted to make online orders but didn’t
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Post Tue, May 21 2024, 11:50 pm
$75 for two kids end of year school trips
$20 running into the kosher grocery store
$87 tons of fruit, veg, eggs at Aldi
$30 doctor copay
$25 donation to oorah auction
$25 for a campaign for my nephews school
$195 monthly payment to orthodontist
$388 payment for last months utility bill

Total $845...
wow I spent so much today Sad
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Post Wed, May 22 2024, 12:11 am
Grocery 40dollars
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Post Wed, May 22 2024, 12:20 am
Nothing today... but I found a cute pair of shoes that are in my cart now. $60. Maybe I'll buy them soon, maybe not
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Post Wed, May 22 2024, 12:37 am
2.75 small milk for office
$15 salad lunch
$10 groceries

Tomorrow I’m going to spend a min of:
$60 daughter haircut
$200 chiropractor/Chinese medicine
$175 therapist
$75 copay son
All my carts are full on so many websites waiting for funds.
Hashem will help.
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Post Wed, May 22 2024, 12:43 am
Auto paid my $1 Hulu with ads for the month. Got that rate as a Black Friday deal this year. That’s it!
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Post Wed, May 22 2024, 1:43 am
$90 Wi-Fi bill
$116 electric bill
$870 credit card bill
$156 groceries
$8 Rita’s
$183 household stuff

Over $1400.. ugh
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Post Wed, May 22 2024, 1:50 am
Where to start…

$438 at Bingo
$512 insurance
$200 school Shabbos
$200 therapist
$414 Verizon wireless
$50 gas

(Can I count the $2150 rent that I paid yesterday but it only left my bank account this morning?)

No joke, we’re broke 😀.
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Post Wed, May 22 2024, 1:59 am
$130 grocery
$40 speech therapy
$950 mesivta registration
$924 various tzedakah (this was from my maaser fund)
$2200 tuition payment (last one of the year - woohoo!)
$2735 rent

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Post Wed, May 22 2024, 5:25 am
Today was shopping day-
$130 for groceries for the week.
$50 for Shabbos socks for DD (for the next 2 years) and tights for me.
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Post Wed, May 22 2024, 5:30 am
Yesterday I spent
$430 on dental work (the insurance should be remembering me 50%)
$63 on a Zara order but one item is for my friend don half of that.

And that was a “cheap” day because other than the dentist I didn’t leave my house….
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Post Wed, May 22 2024, 7:05 am
$0 unless you count $1 to daily giving but they really charge it in a lump sum once a month which wasn’t yesterday for me…
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Post Wed, May 22 2024, 9:47 am
love this thread!!!!
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Post Wed, May 22 2024, 9:55 am
yikes yesterday was a big day for me

$25 grocery - but technically getting it covered by my MIL because I am making something for an event she is hosting

$1900 - new wig I am hyper!!!! (I didnt get the repairs charged yet)
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Post Wed, May 22 2024, 11:12 am
Unigala wrote:

$1900 - new wig I am hyper!!!! (I didnt get the repairs charged yet)

Good for you! I love getting a fresh new wig!
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