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What is a normal ratio where you live?

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Post Thu, May 23 2024, 12:46 pm
For babysitting?
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Post Thu, May 23 2024, 12:55 pm
we don’t have babysitters. daycare is licensed and it’s 1:4 under a year and 1:5 from 1-2
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Post Thu, May 23 2024, 1:26 pm
I worked 1:4 for infants and am now doing 1:6 with toddlers. Other women have done as high as 1:8!!! For infants. And 2:18 for toddlers…
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Post Thu, May 23 2024, 2:00 pm
Sending my baby to 1:4 in the summer at 4 months.
For next year he'll be 7 months, ratio is 1:6 but he's the youngest in the group
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Post Sat, May 25 2024, 9:35 pm
1:4 or 1:5
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Post Sun, May 26 2024, 1:06 am
In official daycare it's 1 to 6 from 3 months. 1 to 8 from 15 months and 1 to 10 for 2 year olds. In houses the ratio is 1 to 5 this is for official groups that are subsidized.
This is in Israel.
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Post Sun, May 26 2024, 3:56 am
The legal places are 4:14 for babies, 3:14 for toddlers. , the in home places are 1:6-8 for babies and 1:10 for toddlers
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