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ISO Oven with Self Clean / Shabbos Mode / "Clicky" Buttons

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Post Sun, May 26 2024, 10:41 pm
I seem to be looking for the impossible... I need a new gas range oven. I don't care if it's a free standing or slide in, and don't really care about the brand. However, I need the following:

1) Self Clean - (not steam clean)
2) Sabbath Mode that is under a certification (like star k) that allows me to raise and lower the oven on Yom Tov on demand (obviously with a small delay etc.). It also needs to be able to be set before Shabbos to turn off on Shabbos without beeping.
3) The type of screen/Buttons - where you can feel a click when you press the button. If the oven is in Shabbos Mode, and the buttons won't beep or light up, I need to know if the button was pressed and how many times it was pressed. The touch screen Buttons that are completely smooth/glass don't work for me, as I won't know if I held my finger there a bit longer, if it actually got pressed and how many times etc.

I do not want the Shabbos keeper. I believe that this is the only way to get a GE oven with Shabbos Mode. GE does make some ovens with the Clicky Buttons, but require the Shabbos keeper which won't work for me, AND many no longer have self clean.

Feeling so frustrated...
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Post Sun, May 26 2024, 11:07 pm
I don’t know much about shabbos mode cuz I’ve never used it (so I never heard of being allowed to raise and lower the temp but that doesn’t mean anything)

I just ordered this GE JGS760SPSS from park ave appliance. For $780. I believe it’s “clicky” buttons not touch screen. They told me shabbos mode must be used with a magnet but did not ever mention the shabbos keeper (I’m familiar with it from other ppls fridges). Did you look into this model?

Curious why don’t you want to get a shabbos keeper?
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