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S/o poll do you have an extra freezer?

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Do you have an extra freezer?
 80%  [ 166 ]
 19%  [ 39 ]
Total Votes : 205



Post Mon, May 27 2024, 6:50 pm
The upright ones
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Post Mon, May 27 2024, 7:02 pm
I have two. And a chest freezer.
What's this about?
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Post Tue, May 28 2024, 2:35 am
Heh, ditto. I thought I was the only one.
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Post Tue, May 28 2024, 2:37 am
Got 3 larder freezers - 1 in kitchen for regular use, and 2 in basement for overflow (yomtov time etc)
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Post Tue, May 28 2024, 2:48 am
Yes, in a tiny Jerusalem apartment. And there's still never freezer space.
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Post Tue, May 28 2024, 3:05 am
Have an extra fridge freezer and a large chest freezer
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Post Tue, May 28 2024, 3:09 am
I have two fridges upstairs (each with freezer) and one in my basement.
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Post Tue, May 28 2024, 3:18 am
Yes, plus an extra Yom Tov fridge!
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Post Tue, May 28 2024, 1:50 pm
No. Why do you ask?
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Post Tue, May 28 2024, 2:49 pm
I don’t. I live in an apartment. But my mother is nearby and has 2 upright freezers so I store things there
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Post Tue, May 28 2024, 4:15 pm
an upright freezer and chest freezer that are always on, and one chest freezer that I turn on and off as needed
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rainbow dash


Post Tue, May 28 2024, 4:46 pm
I have 2 standing freezers a fridge with a small freezer at the bottom, a big chest freezer and a fridge.

My dh deals with fish. So that's why.
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