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If you're average to tall and normal bmi what do you eat?
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Post Wed, May 29 2024, 7:45 pm
amother Cerise wrote:
I generally have a tiny breakfast (coffee and a banana or a yogurt bar), a small lunch (8-10 crackers and 1 oz cheese or a small pack of guacamole), 1-2 snacks like popcorn, fruit, sometimes chips, and a medium to large dinner. That's just how I like to eat. Fri night and shabbos day I have a large meal.

So you basically don't really eat until dinner.... Interesting
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Post Wed, May 29 2024, 7:47 pm
amother Jasmine wrote:
You're thin and eat all the nosh, bread, chocolate, snacks and don't gain weight?
Please share this magic

Yup. Well not ALL of it (all in variation, not all in quantity). If I ate the entire store down in any means, that wouldn't quite be healthy.

But in moderation, sure. I had a cinnamon danish and chocolate today, skipped out on my workout because I was tired and am not in the slightest bit worried about weight. I'm sure I'll have popcorn and potato chips later as it seems that's become my late night snack when I'm hungry and too tired to make anything. Not the smartest choice, but again. Not in the least bit concerned.

I LIVE off of bread. It's my go to food. I'm eating the potato chips and popcorn because I ran out of the rolls I like honestly (that's typically my before bed/last snack of the day).

Calories are calories are calories. It doesn't matter if it comes from cake, ice cream, chocolate, or a bizarre concoction of food that I'm only eating because fear based intentions.

The "secret" is more than I can share in a comment. A phone call, sure. But a comment? I'd have to write an essay. Which I can do, but have things to do.

Happy to share specifics (you can message me or start a spin-off thread asking for "how" to hear more than just my own tactics)

But the secret in short the relationship with food and addressing the fear of gaining weight (and what need that is trying to address) in conjunction WITH the food. Adding in logic of body physiology and human nature psychologically.
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Post Wed, May 29 2024, 7:56 pm
amother Pistachio wrote:
Which foods they eat, not how much
I want to know what you eat which includes how much of it.
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Post Wed, May 29 2024, 7:57 pm
Thanks to those who contributed what they actually eat and how much. Any others want to share?
please list how much of each you eat for each meal and snack and shabbos.
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Post Wed, May 29 2024, 9:56 pm
Height 5'7 weight 124, I don't stick to any plan but try to be conscious about not eating to much from certain food groups and if I'll overeat one day then I'll be more strict the next day about snacking
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Post Wed, May 29 2024, 10:03 pm
I’m not so tall-
5’5” 132 lbs
Breakfast slice of sourdough with egg and some cheese
Snack cantaloupe
Lunch fiber gourmet pasta with cheese
Supper chicken cutlets with mashed potatoes
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Post Wed, May 29 2024, 10:19 pm
I’m 5’6” and weigh between 125- 132, mid 40’s. Have maintained this weight range for many years. Am not bone thin but generally BH happy with my weight.

Basic rules-
I work out almost every day. That could be a fitness class or long walk or jog. Hugely important to me.

I almost never drink anything with calories (except milk)- no juice or sweetened soda.

Lots of vegetables. I have a big salad every day for lunch. Lettuce, grated cabbage. Load it with protein topping (like tofu, grated cheese, sliced veggie burgers, chickpeas, etc.) and sometimes with a whole grain topping like leftover quinoa or brown rice.

Snacks- Greek yogurt with protein, dried fruit (in moderation), natural peanut butter, cheese sticks, corn cake thins with avocado, beef jerky- some of my go-to snacks during the day. Also cut up veggies with dip or chummus. I snack like this a lot.

I don’t really eat bread during the week. Eat 2-3 slices of challah at shabbos meals.

Dinner- lean protein, lots of veggies (I live on frozen broccoli and cauliflower that I throw into a pan with some olive oil, salt, pepper, grated cheese.) Sometimes I’ll make a big batch of veggie soup with lentils or barely or split peas and lots of veggies and eat it for a few nights in a row.

I’d probably be thinner if I didn’t have a sweet tooth. I eat things like licorice and chocolate every day (a lot of it).

I pretty much eat all day but it’s yummy wholesome delicious healthy food. Can be expensive but unhealthy food is expensive too.

Shabbos- I try to eat like I do during the week- lots of veggies, lean protein. I’ll definitely have kugel or cholent but that’s more of a side dish and not what I’m filling up on.

Honestly it’s the excercise that really keeps my body within a certain weight range though. When I slack off my clothes are tighter and I’m also in a worse mood…
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Post Wed, May 29 2024, 10:28 pm
I'm 5'9" and 150lbs, have been 150lbs for my whole adult life except for pregnancy, am now 40.

breakfast is coffee with cream, a couple of dates and a handful of almonds. I have to leave early for work so I'm really not in the mood to eat more. a smoothie if anyone made.

2 hours later a granola bar or maybe a 1/2 bagel with cream cheese, always some fruit and usually some veggies

lunch is hearty - usually leftovers from dinner, a 6 inch tupperware full: couscous and lentil stew, spaghetti bolognese, rice and curry, pasta salad, mexican style chili etc.

afternoon I eat more fruit, rarely a pastry or patty, usually another coffee. maybe more dates/almonds if I have to go out for something after work.

Dinner is one of the things we have in rotation. I tend to eat non-stop from when I get home til dinner time (I'll make myself something to nosh on while I cook) and I then don't eat a huge portion for dinner. If I didn't eat between lunch and dinner, it's double portions for sure.

I don't think too much about it. I love veggies and fruit, but I have a sweet tooth and love tasty, rich foods. I made myself brucheta with olive oil and cheese and tomatoes with a side of olives as a snack while cooking dinner and ate it all myself because everyone else was out. I listen to my cues. If I'm hungry I eat, and then stop when I'm done. I definitely ate a smaller portion of dinner because I was already nearly full.

I've always been very active and had a big appetite. My weight is stable though, even as I age, I haven't changed my eating habits. We don't keep a lot of dessert foods or snack foods in the house, so if we're snacky, we have to make something.
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Post Thu, May 30 2024, 1:34 pm
The secret is to eat when you are hungry and stop when you’re 80% full. Which means no longer hungry, but satisfied. No eating when your not hungry, no overeating, no emotional eating…
Then incorporate healthy habits, like movement, and choosing Whole Foods. You can have treats… restriction is what leads to binging and overeating. Ignoring your hunger is what also leads to overeating. Live a 80/20 lifestyle… 80 percent whole unprocessed foods, 20 percent of the rest.
It is a lot about the mindset and relationship to food.
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Post Thu, May 30 2024, 1:46 pm
125 pounds
no idea what I eat Hiding
My weight def fluctuates when Im out of hand with food, but If I stay within range, its good
I mostly watch what I eat because It makes my body feel better
Today Im a bad girl. Only had a chocolate and banana so far
Yesterday was bad too. Coffee and chocolate, lunch was 2 cookies and fruitshake, snack was coffee and 3 rugelach, supper was late night simcha

I do think some bad days are ok, as long as you can jump back in to intuitive eating.
When I gain weight its mostly due to eating late (after 8:00), and emotional eating
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