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Need chizuk
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Post Wed, Jul 10 2024, 4:50 am
amother OP wrote:
Even though some possibilities arose quickly some of those doors are now closing, with him being passed over. There are a couple of options left and I’m davening they work out for him, even though they pay less then he makes now and our expenses are huge. I don’t understand this nisayon. Trying to hold on to ein od milvado but the fear and worry are endless. And my husband is a truly a tzaddik and excellent at what he does. He should be getting another great job in an Instant. None of this makes any sense.

The world is a senseless pain filled place. Hopefully after 120 we’ll understand but in this world, we have hostages being tortured by Hamas. How does that nisayon make sense? Children with cancer. None of it makes sense.

My husband has been unemployed for three years. I’m just focusing on how life is short and fleeting and eventually we’ll be on a world in which we’re rich with schar because this world seems to hold poverty for us.
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